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Environmental Issues and the Art in the Modern Era

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ronbrian luceno

on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of Environmental Issues and the Art in the Modern Era

Elsewhere, The population explosion and the need to develop resources threaten the natural environment. People have harvested lumber from the rainforest, stripped mines in wilderness areas, and over fished the coastal waters. Air pollution endangers people's health in urban areas.
Environmental Issues and the Art in the Modern Era
Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Said: "In the struggles against lines, art has always won and will. Lies can stand up against much in the world, but not against art."
Said: "Art should transmit the highest and best feelings to which men have risen."
In many countries, art has served as a mirror of the culture and a tool to communicate the feelings on the changing condition of the society.
In Russia, art plays a major role in their society. Artist are admired and there are the social critics and seekers of truth in Russian society.
Artist from different parts of the world use their creative minds through arts to express their feelings about social issues.
Leo Tolstoy
Artists around the world assume a social responsibility. Through their artworks, they can send messages about environmental concerns and other social issues.
the artists deal with social themes.
All over the world, art is a powerful means to communicate ideas and feelings about social issues.
1 short bond paper
Make a poster about environmental problems such as water, land, and air pollution etc and Create a theme about this social concern.

In the Philippines, the song Anak ng Pasig and Ang Kapaligiran convey messages about environmental problems.

Group your class into 6 and interpret what you heard in the music Ang kapaligiran then draw and color it in a piece of cartolina then it will be presented by your group leader in front and you must say something about it.

(the student are able to create a unique art through interpreting the music)

Concepts and Ideas
(the students are able to come up with unique ideas on how they express music through the work of art)

(the students are able to cooperate with each other, work as a team and exchanging of ideas)

(1-4 B) (5-7 G) (8-10 VG)

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