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Technology's Impact on Romantic Relationships

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Haley Hoemke

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Technology's Impact on Romantic Relationships

Relationships Before Phones and Computers
In the past, before all of today's technology was invented, romantic relationships were much different than they are now.
Social Media's Effect on Relationships
Because of social media and social networking, relationships of all kinds are made MUCH more public than they used to be. Online dating especially with the use of social network sites is also very common today, and some aspects of this may surprise you.
Negative Effects on Relationships: Text Messages and Phone calls
Although cell phones are very useful to most people, they can actually have quite a harmful effect on relationships of any kind - especially romantic ones.
The Dangers of Technology
Many young people in relationships take advantage of the technology that they have, including their cell phones, cameras, web cams, and computers. They are not fully aware of the consequences of sending inappropriate messages and pictures.
Technology's Impact on
Romantic Relationships

Marisa Piunti, Haley Hoemke, Jessica Kjellstrom, Anthony Kempe
"If you have something to say, say it to my face"
It is extremely hard to tell what someone means by what they are saying without actually hearing their tone of voice or seeing the look in their eyes.
More Face-to-Face Interaction
Before technological advances, couples were forced to communicate face-to-face. This was much more beneficial for the relationship.
Love Letters
Love letters were a sincere way to share your feelings by writing them on paper. They are very romantic and much less common today
Sexting is sending, receiving, or forwarding sexual photos or sexually suggestive messages through text message or email.
28% of teens admitted to having sent a sext.
Some states that are known to prosecute for sexting charges include Indiana, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wyoming.
Even if you have a relationship with your webcam partner and if there is a break up or he /she shows it to a friend and it gets copied, you could be the next star on YouTube.
How are social media and social networking sites destroying relationships?
Social Networks Cause Drama!
Whether your boyfriend likes another girl's photo on Facebook, or you find him sending messages behind your back, social networks can cause a whole lot of jealousy and drama!
"Are you FBO yet?!"
The term "FBO" means Facebook Official, which is when you post on your profile when you have a new boyfriend or girlfriend. This puts a lot of pressure on relationships.
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Online Dating
Believe it or not, people fall in love over the internet every single day, without ever meeting in person!
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It is now very clear that the devices we use for our convenience can actually have very negative effects on our romantic relationships. However, this is something that we cannot get around: technology advances every single day. The important thing is to remember that within our personal relationships, it is always important to have good communication, and to not forget about what it truly means to be in love.
You can get charged!
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