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imc latest

No description

shabby Patel

on 29 September 2012

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Transcript of imc latest

Surf Excel Brand Definition Product: Washing powder
Consumer Need: To wash clothes Product: Brand Mantra:

Brand personality: Friendly, Use full,Convenience and Performance
Corporate Brand: Unilever
Sub Brand: Surf Excel
Brand Extension : Surf Excel Matic Brand: "SURF EXCEL" falls under the Descrptive Brand name as it relates directly to its core benfit. Name: Positioning It is positioned in consumer’s mind and heart as: --Family member
--Motivator Positioning Strategy
Single minded :
Surf Excel’s positioning is Single Minded. They have one primary message that is “Daagh to Aachey hotey hain”.The core idea is don’t stop your child from learning, whether their cloths get dirty or not. Marcom brief It is a premium quality detergent, which is currently a category leader in Pakistan. consumers consumers consumers Mainly housewives but the things have to be seen in context. Pakistan’s middle income group comprises about 35million consumers. But Surf Excel is not just targeting the middle income category. With the broadest socio-economic footprint amongst consumer goods competitors, Surf Excel is also looking at lower income market as well as the higher income bracket with different sets of products. Segmentation Geographic: Surf Excel is catering to “Urban” market all over Pakistan. Geographic
Surf Excel is catering to “Urban” market all over Pakistan. Demographic
Gender: Female
Family size: Minimum of 3 individuals
Income: According to SEC stands of AC Neilson, our income group is A1, A2 and B
Occupation: Housewives Psychographic
Personality: Friendly, Supportive, Encouraging and other basic housewife values. unique selling
preposition Surf Excel offers outstanding stain
removal ability on a wide range of stains C onvenience We prefer convenience of our customers.You can purchase Surf Excel from your nearest general store.You can even buy sachet ranging from Rs.5- Rs.20 from your nearest hawker or cabin Surf Excel quality is very popular among the peoples as Dominating the washing powders markets in Pakistan for four decades; Surf will continued to change according to consumer needs. Since the brand has undergone numerous product quality improvements to offer best cleaning results.
Surf Excel will keep continuing its advertising campaign "dirt is good" and educate parents through new attractive commercials to support the positioning strategy. Media advertisement budget is approximately Rs 40, 000,000 in 2012, which was Rs27,939,217 in 2009. ATL TVCs
Radio spots
Pole signage
Newspaper ads
Magazines ads BTL Kiosk
PR Events ATL BTL Surf Excel joined hands with children of unaffected schools to bring Surf Excel Tools For Schools to collectively contribute towards making a difference after the floods in Pakistan. With Tools for Schools, Surf Excel planned a nationwide campaign where students learned the fun way of contributing and making a social difference. Innovation By Group Ideas Logo
Slogan : "Dirt is good" Brand Keys: dirt-play-experience-learning 25 gm Rs.5
50gm Rs.10
100gm Rs.20
500gm Rs.115
1000gm Rs.219
2000gm Rs.410
4000gm Rs.846
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