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Think Win-Win

Habit #4 - Language Arts

Maria Cardelino

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Think Win-Win

habit #4 Think Win-Win Think Win-Win (habit #4) Topic Explained: You ALWAYS want to try and think win-win. Competition When you think win-lose, you're thinking competition. This is a really common one.
Win-lose is like wanting to get "a higher spot on the totem pole" getting the "bigger slice of pie."
All you care about it who you beat and how much you beat them by.
Often if you think win-lose you are jealous of other people's achievements. by Sophia, Maria, and Sam by Sam, Maria, and Sophia Win-Lose the totem pole Lose- Win the doormat Lose-Lose the downward spiral and now.. what you probably/probably not have been waiting for... Think Win-Win!!! When you think win-win, it always creates more. Take a look! But how can you start thinking win-win? We'll teach you! How to think Win-Win 1. 2. Win the private victory Avoid the "tumor twins" Competing Comparing Last Resort now it's time for... The Jaques Story :) so... learned enough? It's time for the TEST! Don't worry, it's not scary. Take the Test! Bye Bye! This marks the end of our prezi. "Think Win-Win"
by Maria, Sophia, and Sam Life is an all-you-can-eat buffet!
Thinking anything else will get you nowhere and will fill your heart with negative feelings. (withdrawal from PBA)
Win-Win is the foundation for getting along with other people.
Thinking win-win may be challenging because of our personal instincts, but there are certain ways you can start thinking win-win. Examples of Win-Win Thinking You don't give yourself enough credit. You probably think win-win all the time! Here are some examples: sharing credit
treating everyone the same
not wanting to be "superior"
being happy for someone else's success
COMPROMISING! you do that all the time! One more depending on a prayer
And we all look away
People pretending everywhere
It's just another day

There's bullets flying through the air
And they still carry on
We watch it happen over there
And then just turn it off

(Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
We must stand together
(Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
There's no giving in
(Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Hand in hand forever
(Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
That's when we all win
(Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
That's, that's, that's when we all win
That's, that's, that's when we all win

They tell us everything's alright
And we just go along
How can we fall asleep at night?
When something's clearly wrong When we could feed a starving world
With what we throw away
But all we serve are empty words
That always taste the same

(Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
We must stand together
(Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
There's no giving in
(Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Hand in hand forever
(Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
That's when we all win
(Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
That's, that's, that's when we all win
That's, that's, that's when we all win

The right thing to guide us
Is right here, inside us
No one can divide us
When the light is nearly gone
But just like a heartbeat
The drumbeat carries on

And the drumbeat carries on
(Just like a heartbeat) When We Stand Together~ A Win-Win Song the all-you-can-eat buffet The Nice Guy Otherwise known as the doormat, lose-win is letting people step all over you.
You don't stand up for yourself or speak your feelings.
Another lose-win concept is doing all the dirty-work for someone else or writing their paper for them.
Probably a really common lose-win situation is giving into peer-pressure. Yes, that is called being the doormat! You're Coming Down With Me Lose-Lose is a bad concept to follow. One of its sayings are, "If I'm going down, you're coming down with me"
Also, "I don't care what happens to me as long as she fails!"
Revenge also counts as having a lose-lose attitude.
"If I can't do it, they won't either. It's not fair." There's Enough for Everyone! Thinking win-win includes believing in compromising.
It's like saying "I won't step on you, but I won't be your doormat either"
It's not a matter of who gets the biggest piece of or smallest piece of pie...... (there's enough for everyone, guys!)
Win-Win always creates something better, especially for your Personal Bank Account (PBA).
Remember, wanting someone else to win makes you feel good. Just say: "So What?" Win-Lose Storytime Lose-Win Storytime Lose-Lose Storytime Win-Win Storytime As long as you've tried, we understand if you can't come to a win-win situation. If so, just say deal or no deal. Walk away and renew yourself. But that's a whole different story, and it's just a few days away. 1. Thinking lose-lose will make you feel good at first, but gulity later.
2. Thinking lose-win will cause you to feel regret.
3. Thinking win-lose will feel make you feel powerful but then fill your heart with negative feelings, as do lose-lose and lose-win.
4. Thinking win-win creates more and will make you feel good inside. Not only that, but other people will be happy, too. Start with you and don't be too hard on yourself. It may take time to learn the win-win way. You're only human. Try thinking win-win once the first day, another time the second day, and build on that. By: Nickelback A boy named Jaques was totally blind. However, he could see in a different way. He put it as: "I saw light rising, spreading, resting on objects, giving them form, then leaving them..... I lived in a stream of light." Yet times when he thought of win-lose, the light would leave him. He said that when he played with his friends, he felt the need to win and to come first. He then realized, "I could no longer afford to be jealous or unfriendly because, as soon as I was, a bandage came over my eyes. But when I was happy and serene, I was rewarded with light." There was once a moose named Pablo who lived Nebraska. He was obsessed with surfing in wave pools. One day, he heard of this great place called Camp Crystal. When we arrived there, he met his rival moose enemy, named Anthony. They had overheard of this giant surfing competion in Wyoming, and both immediately took off separately and met again at the competion. They were at the starting line, holding their surfboards, and once the referee said "GO", they took off paddling in the ocean. Little did they know a tsunami was forming ahead. When they both saw the giant wave, Pablo yelled out, "If I'm not going to win the competition, then you won't either!" Pablo paddled over to Anthony and they started wrestling and meanwhile a 50-ft wave was headed their way. And that was the last of Pablo and Anthony. A boy named Rodney enters middle school. His parents didn’t have the money to spend on the jeans and sneakers he wants, and his wealthier friends have the latest styles. He feels very insecure about his clothes.

When he entered high school, he began playing the violin and entered orchestra but then learned that only one person could be first fiddle. He gets assigned second fiddle and is disappointed but ok that it’s not third.

At home, Rodney has been his mom’s favorite child for years. Now his little brother took his place. Rodney tries bringing his grade up to get his spot back.

After four years in high school, Rodney is ready for college but gets in the fiftieth percentile and doesn’t gets into the college of his desire. The college Rodney goes to uses curve-grading. In his first chemistry class, there are only five A slots and five B slots available. He works hard to avoid a bad grade and fortunately gets the last B grade.
Since Rodney grew up in a compertitve environment, his whole life was based on thinking Win-Lose. Start here. Keep promises to yourself, then you'll be able to keep promises to others. Practice compromising with yourself, too, because that also helps you think win-win. Don't forget - Take the baby steps! written by Sam Pesah (Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
We must stand together
(Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
There's no giving in
(Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Hand in hand forever
(Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
That's when we all win
(Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
That's, that's, that's when we all win
That's, that's, that's when we all win Competetion can be healthy. However, sometimes it can drive you to do things or say things you normally wouldn't do. For example, you might insult your sibling or hurt their feelings just bcause you were competing with them. If you start to compete excessively with other people, start thinking win-win more! We're all on different development timetables! For example, the bamboo tree. it doesn't grow at all the first 4 years, but hen BAAM! The fifth year it grows higher and stronger than any other plant in its forest. In other words, since we all bake differently, why should we keep checking our neighboor's cake and comparing it to ours? If we keep doing so, our cake won't rise at all. Comparing can lead you down a long bad path you can't come back on. For example, many girls resort to anorexia because of comparing. A girl named Suzy attended a middle school and had lots of friends. One day she was bullied by another girl name Fiona. Fiona forced her to do her homework for her. She kept insulting her and vilifying her. Suzy said nothing because she didn't want to make it worse. Now, later in life, she regrets it and is uncomfortable with herself all because of it. My sister and I always fight over chores. Out of doing the dishes and walking our dog, Lexi, we always would rather walk the dog. So, we decided that one person washes, one person dries, and then we both walk Lexi.
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