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Founding Fathers and Declaration of Independence

In groups of 3 to 4, create a Prezi (using prezi.com) with images, movie clips, paintings, etc. that depict the (title)

Jessica Woods

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Founding Fathers and Declaration of Independence

Patrick Henry George Washington Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Franklin John Adams John Hancock Declaration of Independence *did not sign Declaration The Declaration of Independence and the Founding Fathers - Member of First Continental Congress
- Led Continental Army
- President of Constitutional Convention
- First President of the United States
- Was already in New York commanding troops when the Declaration was signed* - Principal author of the Declaration of Independence
- First Secretary of State
- Third president of U.S.A.
- Secured the Louisiana Purchase
- Founded University of Virginia and was the author of the Statute of Religious Freedom of Virginia. - Scientist and inventor of: bifocals, lighting rod, lighting electricity, Franklin stove, etc.
- Served in the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention.
- Founded the first nonreligious college.
- Served as America's first postmaster.
- First American ambassador to France. - "Give me liberty or give me death."
- Known for well-written speeches.
- Started the move for independence in Virginia.
- First governor of the state of Virginia.
- Elected to the first Continental Congress. Presentation by Hanna Brown and Jessica Woods Thomas Paine - Wrote "Common Sense", "African Americans In America", and "American Crisis"
- Helped convince people to separate from Britain.
- Appointed secretary to Congress Committee on Foreign Affairs.
- Appointed clerk of the Assembly in Pennsylvania. *did not sign Declaration *did not sign Declaration James Madison - Father of the Constitution
- Ratified the Constitution.
- Helped frame/co-author of the Bill Of Rights.
- Fourth president of the United States.
- Enacted the first revenue legislation. - First Vice President of the United States.
- Sixth President of the United States.
- He served in the First and Second Continental Congress.
- Successfully negotiated a loan for the U.S. government with the government of Belgium. - Was president of the Second Continental Congress.
- First governor of the common wealth of Massachusetts.
- Remembered for large and stylish signature on the Declaration of Independence. The most important founding fathers . . . The End - Elected to the Massachusetts Assembly
- Was the first to propose a Continental Congress.
- A representative to the Continental Congress.
- Appointed lieutenant governor of the state of Massachusetts. Samuel Adams - Approved July 4, 1776
- Signed August 2, 1776, though some people signed late.
- 86 changes were made to Jefferson's first draft, including one where they pulled out Jefferson's criticism of the King bringing slavery to the colonies.
- Jefferson hated the changes. *did not sign Declaration
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