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A Progressive Approach to Progress Reports

Overview and tutorial on using the Great Student Rubric and Great Student Progress Report

Bruce Henecker

on 8 March 2017

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Transcript of A Progressive Approach to Progress Reports

Essential Question:
How can we make reporting on student progress more effective?
When to Use the Rubric
establish norms and expectations
have students self-evaluate
create a framework for teacher-student conferences
A Progressive Approach
to Progress Reports
Overview and Instructions on Using the Student Rubric and Student Progress Report
Two Types of Assessments?
Formative Assessments allow the teacher to gather a constant flow of information about what students are learning and to adapt instruction to meet current student needs.
Different types of formative assessments at different times provide specific information to drive the instructional process.
Progress Reports are a way to share results of formative and summative assessments with parents, students, and other teachers.
Summative assessment--end of a unit to evaluate student mastery
Formative assessment--throughout the unit to drive instruction.
Start with the Student Rubric
Use the rubric to
Post rubric prominently!
Refer to it frequently!
Use as a survey:
Use Rubric to Inform Progress Report
Follow-Up Question:
Can we use this strategy to help all students achieve?
The answer is...
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