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Customer development tutorial

Ekaterina Klink

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of Bemy.co

Getting out of the building was very helpful as we could learn the opinion of customers from different groups.
We’ve found our potential customers basically everywhere- cafees, shopping malls, outdoor- however most insights we’ve got from visiting places where early adopters could be.
We tried to keep the process of interviewing fun and unformal and it helped us to stay friendly to customers and to get 15 real contacts (e-mails, phone numbers)!

Targeting first BeMy.co customers step by step
Customer Development
Step 1.
Start fast - doing is better than planning...
Just go to your favorite place
Pick someone who are likely to support

Step 2.
Getting “out of the building” for real - targeting diversified groups of customers...
outdoor is good for reaching a maximum number of customers
high diversification between age/interests/occupation
first negative experience
Step 3.
Be ready for a change of plans - testing shopping malls as a channel for user acquisition...
you can't control the whole situation around
food courts, queues and fountains
help customers who need to kill time
Step 4.
Trying to reach early adopters to get more deep insights..
for video
for presentation
for notes
go to their favorite places
deeper insights from those who are already there
discuss technical features
our idea was mostly interesting for young people without family, and as far as they’re mostly active users of social networks, it is important for them to have an integration to such services.
prefer to go out with friends.
well awared of most social networks
agreed that most of these networks are not always effective if there’s a need to go out.
supposed that such service can be also good for collaborative activities - if it will be cheaper to go somewhere with friends.

Galya & Misha- young & stylish
doesn’t face a lack of the attention
would hardly like to go out with an unknown person
needs to know the maximum info of the person : photo, mutual friends, same interests and to have an ability to talk in a small chat before the meeting takes place.
Polina - the girl in her 20's
active users of Vkontakte
usually participate in different events via VK and like to stay updated via these groups’ feed
liked the idea of a separate network, where they can see a person’s future plans in the profile as well as activities, that he/she has already performed
liked our interface
A group of girls - students
was very positive of the idea
“It would be cool if there’s a service which allows you to find a date for a friday.”
gave special considerations to a person’s interests : thus she wouldn’t want to meet with someone, who likes openairs.
Active Ipad user, she would prefer having an Ipad application.

Nastya - a PR director of a marketing firm
not interested in meeting someone online
gave a very valuable feedback as a potential partner
considered a possibility of a future partnership with our website if we have a good user base
could be especially interested in promoting his new restaurant which is not very popular with customers yet, including organizing some group events
gave us his business card and we left Eat&Talk happy to find our first potential partner...
Alexander - a restaurant manager & a family guy
a guy with a sword, who stopped on our way and was trying to disturb us from making a report...

reaching some subculture group of russian panks also appeared to be tempting...
Policeman interested in our service
kindly asked not to make any video of him, but gave us his telephone number
might be interested in finding a company for some activities in his leisure time..
has a cool watertight phone, but as there is no internet access in it he surfs internet from a computer.
their only one day of vacation in Moscow
mobile is the only way of communication for them, so they were happy to give me their mobile phone numbers... just in case :)
A group of russian military army guys
2 gay-like looking guys
liked our prototype
suggested adding geo-location features for a mobile device.
people of various minority groups also have a need of organizing their social life... but not all of them.
people like to be part of an existing social group... since they find one, they don’t want to change it, may be just taking new members to it, who are similar to them. Small cities are not good for such service, since people usually know each other well.

familiar with meetup.com service
usually attending different events
found groups to be a good instrument to meet new people with similar interests, however not very effective for spontaneous activities.
Girls, who came from Australia
not using internet very often
concerened of who the potential people for a meetup could be
need a maximum reliability for people profiles.

A couple
Two girls who study at school came from a Moscow Region.
not many people from their native town use internet
they are ready to use our web-site to get to know someone new, if they have similar interests or mutual friends.
came to Moscow as tourists
don’t have such need of meeting someone new, since they’re living in a small village in Italy and know everyone their
supposed that such service would be interesting for people who live in big cities.

Two Italian guys
mentioned that applications are much more convenient for him to use, than web-sites in the browser
a problem of finding a company to go with for particular activities, because some of the friends can be busy.
He would likely use our service, however he warned us that this industry is very competitive and in order to be successful in it, we should be able to bring something unique. For example, a service that would allow to perform group activities like paintball for a cheeper price.
A roller-skater who was resting and ready for a full video interview
for early-adopters it is extremely important to bring the cutting-edge solutions to the service and being different from the competitors.
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