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destiny ford's prezi

my prezi is going to be about obesity in today and how it is affecting people.

destiny ford

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of destiny ford's prezi

Obesity Obesity is a major problem in many people in the united states today. Instead of eating a healthy meal at home many people are not taking the time they used to. Every one is in fast mode in todays times and when your hungry and on the run you stop by a fast food place and get a big mac to go. These people that are overweight have an option not to be overweight. They could eat heathy and fix low fat meals at home. Instead of eating out everyday at fast food resturants. I know that we all love McDonalds and Taco Bell and all the other fast food joints, but they have all changed meanus drsastically over night. Instead of fat juicy thick burgers they are going to be thin dry veggie burgers with only lettace.
Instead of having a choice on what to eat ever y one is going to have the same meal plan everyday.
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