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Raleigh Adventure

No description

Manuela Falcione

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Raleigh Adventure

Project Planning Strategy
The Toughest Challenge
Community Baseline Survey
Peer to Peer Education
Team Coaching
Awareness Raising Activities
Support Local Co-operative
Cultural Events Management
Resource Development
Infrastructure Implementation
Community Resilience
Project Planning Assessment and Budget Management
The acknowledgment of absence of values precisely in those people you have chosen to fight for; nevertheless there is an extreme degree of fairness and democracy in letting someone choose their own battles, disregarding of their objective needs and priorities
ICS & Raleigh Int.
Nicaragua Adventure
4 months in a remote community in the North of Nicaragua leading a Resource Management Project
Managing a team of 20 international and local volunteers
Development of a Project Planning Strategy to assess community requirements and allocation of DFID funding
A normal day in the Community of La Perla
The Greatest Achievement
Together with ICS and Raleigh Int., I have joined an NGO project focused on sustainable development in countries affected by a severe state of poverty
4 weeks training prior the arrival of volunteers to ensure complete domain of health & safety and cultural crossing practices
Project Performance Review
25 Eco-latrines
22 Eco-furnaces
15 Organic Vegetable Plots
Youth Group
C.A.P.S - Committee for Portable Water & Sanitation
Women's Group
I eventually leaped and, luckily or wisely. I landed on my feet!
I eventually just took a leap and landed on my feet!
What I have taken with me
What I have learnt...
The ability to lead and embrace others' priorities and treat them as my own, even when not in complete control

The liberty to say "I DON'T KNOW" and still to look for satisfactory answers through a joint effort
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