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Mermaid Presentation

Presentation for school

Ginny Carson

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Mermaid Presentation

The body found Mermaids Dr. Paul Robertson is a scientist that worked for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. When Robertson traveled there, he was shown the remains of an unknown creature. The creature was found inside of a Great White Shark. After careful inspection, the scientists were convinced it was a mermaid. The drawing and the creature in the video matched what they found in South Africa. The Strange Weapons Whether mermaids are real or not, there is proven evidence that there is still mysterious and unknown species in the ocean. He also studied the whales on the shore of the beach that day. Unfortunately, the government confiscated all of their work and the remains of the mermaid. The only thing that was left was "the bloop". Dr. Paul Robertson,
"I ask myself, how did this creature stay hidden for so long? Then you realize that the surface of the moon has been explored more than the deep ocean. And you look at the fact that even to this day very large animals are being discovered. There have been two species of whales that have been discovered in just the past decade. These are 30-40 foot long animals that have never been seen before and have never been reported. So yes it is possible to stay hidden. But of course this animal we found has been recorded before." For years, fishermen have been finding odd daggers and weapons in fish made from bones of animals in the ocean. These "bone knives" are made in such a way that sea creatures are unable to make due to the way their bodies are made. Only creatures with human features such as hands and fingers have the ability to make such a crafted weapon. In life, there are some questions that we don't know the answer to. Like if Bigfoot is real. ...or if there are aliens on another planet. What if one of those questions have been answered. In 2007 a whale beaching took place. When he examined the whale's tissue, it showed evidence from SONAR activity. This is how "the bloop" was discovered. "The bloop" is a recording of whales and dolphins in the ocean, but also had another unidentified sound in it. After very close inspection, he learned that the unknown sounds belonged to creatures that were communicating with each other, possibly warning each other to get away. A few months later, there was a mass whale beaching in South Africa. The scientists in South Africa recorded similar sounds that they found on "the bloop". On the verge of giving up hope... Robertson tracked down one of the two boys that caught a mermaid on his camera phone the day of the Whale beaching. The boy also drew what he saw in the video. He also looked to history for more evidence. Then he found that there had been reports of strange spears and weapons found in fish caught by fishermen. Robertson found one of these daggers in the Great White Shark that held the mermaid's remains. Could the two things be connected Dr. Paul Robertson resigned from trying to find mermaids after that. A picture of some of the weapons found in fish, scaled to a ruler at the bottom: He stated that he thinks that humans and mermaids would not be able to coexist with each other without wiping mermaids out. The only reason mermaids survived this long is because they know how to hide. Even though he is still trying to stop the SONAR activity to save whales, dolphins, and mermaids. The Greeks described them, as did the Vikings, and the Asians. Captains of ships recorded them swimming with pods of whales. People all around the world, people with no possible connection with each other, all recorded the same thing. Thanks for watching(: He believed that the SONAR weapon made the whales disoriented and when the whales tried to escape from the loud blasts of sound, they ended up in shallow waters that could not support their enormous bodies. So they washed up on the beach. Cites: Shore, Amanda."Mermaids-the body found", guardianlv.com. DiMarkco Chandler, 22, June, 2012, Web. 13, May, 2013, <http://guardianlv.com/2012/06/mermaids-the-body-found-paul-robertsons-evidence-on-existence-of-mermaids/> Robertson, Paul, "Mermaids throughout history" Dicovery.com, John Womhack. 16, November, 2012. Web. 13, May, 2013. <http://animal.discovery.com/tv-shows/mermaids/photos/evidence.htm> By: Ginny Carson Chandler, DiMarkco. "The existence of Mermaids" guardianlv.com, April Hatton, 2, August, 2011, Web. 13, May, 2013 <http://guardianlv.com/2012/06/mermaids-the-body-found-paul-robertsons-evidence-on-existence-of-mermaids/> In order to prove their theory, they pulled up one of their buoys that were recording SONAR activity. Smith, Justin "Are Memaids real?" Discovery.com, Lawrence Micheals, 28, July, 2011, Web. 16, May, 2013 <http://animal.discovery.com/tv-shows/mermaids/evidence.htm>
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