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AISB Handbook Highlights

No description

Marissa Naranjo

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of AISB Handbook Highlights

1. ACADEMICS 2. Residence Life Start YOU AND AISB No Visitation
No Leaving Campus
Personal Property
Room Keys
Signing In and Out
Quiet Hours
Room Checks
NO CELL PHONES LA POSADA DINING HALL AISB OBJECTIVES: Important for AISB! 3. Dining Tasty and delicious, Healthy and nutritious

Meal Card:
Unlimited food at LAPO (M-F) & DON'T LOSE IT

Respect the Dining area:
Don't take plates, trays, utensils
Wear shirts and shoes inside
Eat meals inside
Leave your area clean Academics
Residence Life
Dining Important for UNM! AISB Meal Schedule:
Mon-Fri Breakfast: 7am-7:45am
Lunch: 12:30pm-1:50pm
Dinner: 5pm-6pm
Sat/Sun Refer to AISB weekly schedule Campus Services and Facilities Bookstore
Athletic/Fitness Facilities
The Corner Store
Mail Services FUN, SAFE, and ENRICHING
EXPERIENCE at AISB GOAL! Provide for you a smooth transition from high school to college life
Introduce you to various UNM support services, academic programs, and departments
Introduce you to college level courses
Enhance your personal and academic skills
Provide multicultural awareness and education
Provide the opportunity for you to participate in a variety of activities and services available on campus
Create a community that will last throughout college and hopefully beyond These are real college-level courses and YOU will be responsible for meeting all course goals and objectives
Establish your UNM GPA
Respect yourselves and the professors: Attendance at workshops, classes, and program activities is MANDATORY and tardiness is UNACCEPTABLE
Don't be afraid to speak up in classes!
Read your syllabus
No Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Games, etc. while in class or study halls
Ask for help when you need it! MATH 120-Intermediate Algebra with Ms. Terrylyn Vigil
MATH 121-College Algebra with Ms. Terrylyn Vigil
MATH 106/107-Problems

NATV 150-Introduction to Native American Studies with Dr. Lloyd Lee

ENGLISH 298-Workshop in Writing with Dr. Kathleen Washburn

STUDY HALL Courses and Instructors: Remember! Workshops Career and Services
Degree Plan
Budget and Finance
Etc. Prohibited: appliances, smoking, burning candles, use of tacks, hooks etc, theft, nudity, weapons, gambling, going on roof, pets, blocking or unlocking doors, noise to be kept at a reasonable level
For safety emergencies:
UNM PD 505.277.2241
SRC Commons Desk 505.277.2606
Emergency call boxes - emergency phones across campus
Alert staff member immediately
UNM Catalog
University College
Degree Plan http://catalog.unm.edu
Majors/Degree Programs
Also look up each major through their college
GPA points - University Advisement Center
- Core Curriculum
- Degree Programs
- Advisors
- Assist in Placement
- FR Mandatory Advisement Holds LoboWeb
Register for Classes
Request Transcripts
Review Finaid
Payment/View Bill
View LoboTrax
Email Degree Plan MyUNM: University College UNM Catalog Career Services Workshop
Degree Plan Workshop
Plan next 4 semesters
Use Core Curriculum & Major Requirements
Scholarship Workshop II 2013 AISB Disciplinary Actions ACTION CONSEQUENCE Cell Phone
Tardiness - Up to 5 mins Late

Bad Language
Leaving Campus
Social Networking/Games during Class/StudyHall
Not Signing out/in
Disrespect No sign out for 1 day and 1 essay
Breakfast - Help do wake up calls next AM
Class - No sign outs for 1 full day
Sign a Song (ex. I'm a little teapot)
No sign outs for 5 days
5 min. deducted from curfew
No sign outs for 1 day
No sign outs for 5 days
Paragraph about what you did $65 $10
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