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Patterns in Settlement-Linear, Clustered, Scattered

No description

Kimberly Stanson

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of Patterns in Settlement-Linear, Clustered, Scattered

Patterns in Settlement
Settlement Patterns
Show how people
themselves as they live on the land
vary in size, density, purpose
on the land
They reflect the type of economic activity that is found there
Larger cities usually have a wide range of economic activity
Why study settlement patterns?
To understand how people in different parts of the world are distributed and how closely they live together
Connection to the natural setting
Relationships between people and places
Three Patterns of Settlement
1. Linear
2. Scattered
3. Clustered

in or extending along a straight
Population ranges
from low to moderate
Linear Pattern
Scattered Pattern
An area where homes are far away from each other (
spread out
Population is
Clustered Pattern
Homes and buildings are

Population is
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