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Computerized Grades Inquiry System

No description

Jasmin Manipis

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Computerized Grades Inquiry System

Computerized Grades Inquiry System

Chapter I
Introduction/Background of the study
Chapter III
Methods and Procedures Used
System Design and Specification
Chapter I
Chapter II
Review of Related Literature and Studies
Screen Hierarchy
Data Flow Diagram
Statement of the Problem
Asia Technological School of Science and Arts is a wide raging school. So, this study ought to answer the following questions below.
Objectives of the Study
General Objective
Conceptual Framework of the Study
Significance of the study

. This will serve as their guide or learning paradigm in creating their program. This will also help the students taking computer related courses.

The proposed study will help teachers to have a idea on how this kind of programs are created by their students. And by this program, they will come up with the easier and hustle-free way.

future researchers
, this will benefit and guider them in doing a likewise project.

Scope of the Study
This will help the school staffs and students in checking their grades.

1.) For the
Registrar Staffs
. They can just log in and edit, add academic records.
2.) For the
. They will just log in and start adding grades.
3.) For
. Start logging in and proceed in looking their grades.

Delimitation of the Study
The ASIATECH Computerized Grades Inquiry System does not require any images of the students, teachers or Registrar staffs. It cannot determine who passed or failed, has no network capabilities; this is not an online program. It cannot determine who is a leading student.
Based on:
Online Grade Encoding And Inquiry System
of Mark Kelvin R. Cabaña and Maria Theresa C. Requina, students of Saint Simon Of Cyrene Academy
Rapid Application Development (RAD)
It is software development Methodology that uses minimal planning in favor of rapid prototyping. The “planning” of software developed using RAD is interleaved with writing the software itself. The lack of extensive pre-planning generally allows software to be written much faster, and makes it easier to change requirements.
Gantt Chart
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
 Is Manual Grades Inquiry much easier than the Computerized Grades Inquiry System?
 Does the Manual Inquiry System make the task easier and consuming lesser time than the Computerized Grades Inquiry System?
 Will Manual Inquiry System much easy to use than Computerized Grades Inquiry System?

This is to propose our topic on how to lessen the tasks of the Registrar Office, professors and students
Specific Objective
1.) To enhance the process of viewing the grades of the students.
2.) To make a program that will be beneficial to anyone.
3.) To help the students to get their grades in a easier way.
4.) To change the old system to a more modernized system.
5.) To reduce the volume of time the students will fall in line.
6.) To secure another copy of the grades of the students.

 Survey and Interview

 Internet Browsing and Researching

 Knowing the grades of students in every department on Registrar Office

 Making a program that will input all the grades of the students in ASIATECH
 Set up computers
 Networking

Computerized Grades Inquiry System
Figure 1.0 Conceptual Framework
Online Grade Encoding and Inquiry System
via SMS Technology of Bella, student of San Mateo Municipal College
Caraga State University SMS based grade inquiry System
of Ryan D. Carmelotes, student of CSU.
Technological Advancement
of Tiangga, Narciso Jr., Ignacio, Jayson, Gaano, Benerose, Manna, Abygail, Pacolor, John Patrick, Rodillas, Bernardino, students of Data Center College of the Philippines-Laoag City.
Mobile Education Services Based On SMS and their Architecture Comparison
The differences and similarities may be seen through reading and analyzing another thesis.
These systems are much helpful to anyone. All of these tried to solve the problems that the researchers are encountering like, tiresome, too much time consuming and many more. We all just want to have a faster and easier way on how to get the grades we need.
On the other hand, are the differences. All of these will be different in terms of designs. But above that difference is that Computerized Grades Inquiry System doesn’t need any internet connections, it will be installed in a stand-alone computer and the least you can do is to login the student number for the students and the name for the professors and there, the grades will be viewed unlike other system, you have to do many steps before you can view your respective grades. Another, CGIS doesn’t have an SMS way, but it’s ok because what’s important is to view the grades without the problems we encounter before.
In this chapter covers the field of research, study design, subjects of study, data collecting methods and research procedure.
Thank you for listening!Godbless :)

Database Normalization
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