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Russia Culture

Kathleen and Timothy Period 4

Kathleen Deleon

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Russia Culture

Russian Culture By Kathleen & Tim Norms Values SYMBOLS "THE" Tourist Pose BASIC NEEDS Government Technology FAMILY Education Arts and Leisure Economy Language MARRIAGE 97 97% of all Russians are
married by 40 . Russian society is male dominating ETIQUETTE TRADITION SCHOOLING First day of school, September 1st.
Important day for Russia.
Children go to school for 10 years from age 6-7.
Beginning from 8:30am to 2pm
Sometimes Saturdays.
Math and science are most important. Holidays JOBS Over 60% of people
age 15 to 64 in Russia
have a job. The statue of Vladimir Lenin resembles
the struggles Russia have faced. Families are very dependent Russian belongs to the group of Indo-European Language, and is therefore related to Sanskrit, Greek, and Latin, as well as the modern Germanic, Romance, and Celtic languages, including English, French, and Irish. Russian is spoken in 16 countries including Germany, Israel, the United States, Canada,Australia, and Latin America. Russian is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Russians open heartedness vs Americans being reserved Russian are not money greedy vs Americans spending limits Russian's "Creative attitude to law" vs. Americans law obedience Russians "being" orientated vs Americans "action" orientation Russians collectivism vs Americans individualism There are many types of art in russia; Handicraft, Icon pain-
ting, Classical painting, Realist painting, Russian
Avant-garde (Modernest Painting), and many types of song
and dance. sports
-what is popular

-certain styles
-names of the dances
- pictures of their outfits board games
-pictures architecture
-famous buildings
-what do they build
-where Russian money Russian American The Russian language uses its own system of naming, with most Russians going by 3 names.
- The 1st is the given name.
- The 2nd, called a patronymic, comes from the person's father's first name.
- The 3rd name is the family name, or last name.
Most Russians talk to one another using their first names and patronymics. Literacy in Russia is nearly 100 percent for males and 99 percent for females. Going to school is mandatory for nine years.
Students must carry out a year of research including practice and prepare and defend a thesis which constitutes an original contribution and sit for final examinations.
Russia’s top universities have very competitive entry requirements, and special entry exams are held each year.
Basic higher education (4 years)
Postgraduate higher education (5-6 years or more) The railway extends from Moscow to the Pacific Coast. A train trip the entire distance takes 6 days. HOPE World War II caused apartments in Russia to be built more for quantity rather than quality and diversity. Russians meals consist of
often topped with thick
Vodka is one of the best known
Russian drinks. Tea drinking is
also a great part of Russian daily life. DONT COME TO VISIT EMPTY-HANDED If the guest does not bring anything, the host believes he does not care after cooking their best dishes DON'T leave your shoes
on in someone's home Russians observe eleven national holidays. DONT UNDERDRESS Even to go for a casual walk,
a Russian woman may wear
high heels and a nice dress. "We only live once; I want to look and feel my best." RUSSIANS BELIEVE THAT A MAN
A WOMAN. If it is accidental do not apologize.
By apologizing, you acknowledge
your authorship, and attract more
attention to the fact. DON'T BURP IN PUBLIC Despite the Soviet's government's
restrictions on religious practice
and celebration, the biggest
festivals in post-Communist
Russia still revolve among
religion. Christmas is a
major holiday,
but Easter, is
the largest
celebration of all. Traditional Russian
clothing was designed
to show woman's
inner dignity and
emotional restraint.
Russian costumes
are also convenient
in wearing because
they were created
without restricting
freedom of
movement. Live with 2-3 generations
together in small apartments TSARISM: Communist Dictatorship Presidential Government One family- the Romanovs; governed Russia's diverse groups for more than 300 years.
Initially elected by the noble gentry during a "times of troubles" 1st Romanov tsar- Michael --> 1614
Last Romanov Tsar- Nicholas II
-->forced to give up his right to rule in 1917. The Russian Tsar and Tsarina had uncontrolled and unlimited authority Vladimir Lenin The leader and his highly disciplined Communist Party, enabled the
Bolsheviks to overthrow the tsarist
system. They established a government based upon Marxist ideology. There were 5 steps to creating the necessary pre-conditions for a tru Communist Party According to the constitution, all political power was in the hands of the people. In reality, however, the Communist Party was controlled the Soviet Union. Yeltsin attempted to reform Russian society.
(The Russian Constitution, which had been rewritten in 1977, was amended in 1991 to
create the office of President. Russian President Boris Yeltsin 1991–1999
Vladimir Putin 2000- today It gave most governmental
power to the Parliament. ) Marriages between Russians
of the same age are much less
common. In the majority of
Russianfamilies, the husband
is 4-6 years older than his wife Russians were not having
children as much because
the power life expectancy
of birth is terrible. The Russian tradition, was that a
young woman had to get married
as early as possible. In the ancient
Russia, a 15 year old girl was
considered to be mature for adult
life and giving birth. Nowadays the majority of
young men and women in
Russia prefer not to rush to
marriage and the opposite trend
has gained popularity Chosen through elections Living together as an
extended family is so
common in Russia that
it can be called a tradition Two-headed Eagle stands for the two parts of
vast Russian empire - European and Asian,
which are believed to be an important part
of the country of Russia. The Russian flag lies proudly above the Volga River. National Anthem is the symbolical
acknowledgement of the past Russian heritage APPEARANCE Open hearted and open minded to random strangers about their problems. Can spend all their money in one night at a resteraunt. It is normal to break traffic laws and bribe police. They would rather attend a cheap resteraunt rather than spend more than their budget can afford. They are more closed to others when it comes to their problems instead of sharing with others. Most follow and obey traffic rules and will be punised if broken or abbused Americans are more active physically and mentally. Russians prefer to do little work and be more intellectual rather than to stand the physical strains of hard work. It is normal for Russian students to cheat on tests and to cut in line. Americans normally don't cheat on tests and find cutting in line unacceptable. Natural resources Petroleum, natural gas, timber, furs, precious and nonferrous metals. Rubles Salary The average Russian makes 13,911 USD a year Jobs over 67% of people aged 15 to 64 in Russia have a paid job Worlds largest telescope Russian Special Forces 10 Active powerplants
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