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Touch in Puerto Rican Culture

Non-Verbal Communication Project

Gabrielle McGlathery

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Touch in Puerto Rican Culture

Play Mission Space Puerto Rico Puerto Rico &
Culture Non-Verbals in
Puerto Rican
Culture Nonverbal communication is an essential part of Puerto Rican Culture
Puerto Ricans tend to avoid eye-to-eye contact
Show respect and greet elders with senor or senora.
Puerto Ricans have a relaxed attitude towards time and are often late and tardy
Puerto Ricans tend interrupt others when speaking
Puerto Ricans are known for their friendliness and warmth. What is Touch ? Disney &
Puerto Rican Touch Do's & Don'ts
Disney Gabrielle McGlathery & Yasmine Cargill Do's & Dont's of Disney -Do use a firm hand shake when greeting people.
-Do smile, or touch them on their arm or shoulder to show you are comfortable.
-Do remember Puerto Rican's are custom to American culture and are not strangers to the United States.
-Don’t be hostile when a Puerto Rican guest is late or tardy
-Don’t step back from a Puerto Rican guest, regardless of how close they may come to you
-Don’t withdraw if a Puerto Rican guest touches you. Their touch is genuine and means friendship and warmth.
-Don’t be offended if a Puerto Rican guest cuts you off Let's Make Non-Verbal Haptics
in Puerto Rican Culture Recap Touch, which is known as tactile communication, is one the most important forms of communication with other human beings.
Vital to Survival
Infants peak touch between fourteen months and two years old.
Declines after that time period
Adolescences touch more among each other
Adulthood touch declines steadily and can possibly violate social norms Their are 475 different types of body contact, 14 major types of public contact, and 5 major categories of touch
Patting, Slapping, Licking
The Pat, The Hand-to-Head, The Mock Attack
Social-Polite Touch, Love-Intimacy Touch
Humans continuously receive signals of how others feel about them from touch.
The study of the amount, uses of, and result of tactile behavior is called haptics. Puerto Rico is located between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean
The official language is Spanish & English.
Appromixate total population 3, 998,905 in Puerto Rico
Puerto Rican population in Florida is 860,00 Puerto Rican Culture The culture is greatly impacted by family background. Families include: brothers, sisters, parents, grandparent, aunts, uncles, cousins, and godparents.
The culture is very vibrant and colorful.
They celebrate many holidays that always include food and drink such as Christmas, Easter, and New Year's. Guess the Disney
Character & Show Touch at Disney Types of touch we should focus on as cast member
social-polite touch
friendship-warmth touch
Puerto Rican's may go for a handshake or even hug contingent of their comfort level
Guiding a Puerto Rican guest
place a hand on their back
show that you care about them by listening to their concerns
When gaining a Puerto Rican guest's attention
Do not want to be hostile
Touch them on their arm or shoulder. Senor Senior, Senior and Senor Senior, Junior
Kim Possible Isabella Garcia-ShapiroPhineas and Pherb TitoOliver & Company Miranda Sanchez Lizzie McGuire Feliz, LaCienega, and
Sunset Boulevardez
The Proud Family Dreams Come True Non-Verbals Dress They dress like people of the US with jeans and shirts to remain comfortable
Women are rarely seen without jewelry, especially earrings and bracelets
Men typically wear a Puerto Rican dress called a guayaber
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