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Thank you!

No description

Brad Williams

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of Thank you!

Thank you!

Annual T-shirt contest this spring

Financial Disclosure

The BVNA initiated a skate spot fundraising campaign, to raise $80,000 in grants, donations and events. The BVNA’s initial contribution is $5,000.
The Current Balance of the Skate Spot Fundraising is over $10,000.

Skate Spot Initiative



Our First Historical Collaboration with the Bay View Historical Society to apply for a NIDC community grant to restore the Pryor Street Well

Public Spaces:
Pryor Street Well

Membership Discount Card

2 cleanups at Humboldt Park (May and August)

4 beach cleanups at Bay View Beach (June-September)

Picked up hundreds of pounds of trash, thousands of cigar tips from Bay View Beach

Green Night at Chill on the Hill - 12 tabling organizations,

Bay View Spring Cleaning Day: Neighborhood Cleanup, Chill on the Hill Clean Up, Spring Planting at Humboldt.

Look forward to Habitat for Humanity Pick Up Day!
Public Safety
Communications- Vacant
Public Spaces

Committee Updates

BVNA partnered with the KK BID for a promotional week for businesses.

We Collected items/donations for a GIANT BAY VIEW gift basket-worth over $900!

BVNA member won the basket!

First Chill on the Hill
Tuesday June 2nd!
2014 Year in Review
Bay View

Chill on the Hill (every Chill we need volunteers)
Bay View Beach clean ups
Pumpkin Pavilion (we had over 100 volunteers for this event for 2014)
Communication Committee
Winter Blast

Volunteer Opportunities


February 15

South Shore Park

Noon-4 (1pm Pizza Tasting)

Est. Attendance 300 ppl

Winter Blast


With the help of the Willam Stark Jones Foundation we match their contribution to offer an Environmental Grant offered to all schools in 53207
Parkside- Rain Barrels and Garbage/ Recycling Bins in front garden area

Bay View HS – Digital Water Stories

Trowbridge-Restore Rain Garden

Bay View School Grants

We asked neighbors to submit photos in three categories: kids, amateur, professional.

Over 130 entries!

Celebrity judges voted and displayed photos at September Gallery Night

Film on the Hill

Chill on the Hill Re-cap

Skate Spot Initiative

BVNA’s 1st Capital Improvement Project
Skate Spot Initiativepital Improvement Project


Great turn out even with poor weather

Great community partners (and Hollywood)

Over 100 volunteers came to help

700 pumpkins carved!

3000 people attended

Pumpkin Pavilion

BVNA and City of Milwaukee community grant
for “Bloom and Groom” plant sale
Sold out in 45 minutes!
This Year’s sale will be May 30th

Plant Sale
Let's Vote:
District 1 Michael Banta, Incumbent
District 3 Brian Gregor
District 4 Nikki Rouleau
District 5 Christopher Miller, Incumbent
Communication Leslie Mason
Public Safety John Osario, Incumbent
3 - At Large Positions
Luella Dooley Menet, Incumbent
Kate Fowdy, Past President
Robert Petrie
Jodee Benavides
Volunteer of the Year!

Myron Thomsen

2014 was a GREAT Year!
2 Outdoor movies

Food trucks

Over 500 people in attendance

3 movies this year!

BID partnership has lead to an additional 30 flower baskets on KK for this next summer!!
Strategic Planning

Vote to Amend and Update Bylaws

Vote to amend mission statement and Vision
- New Mission: Connecting Neighbors for a Better Bay View
- New Vision: The BVNA will continue to work to nurture a Bay View community that is engaged, vibrant, diverse, safe and sustainable.
Future Strategic Planning scheduling


Bay View Children’s
Art Competition
We ask MPS students to produce works of art in any medium that represent their neighborhood

On display at the Bay View Library during Gallery Night on June 6th 2014

Great Season, only a few drizzly shows
Average crowd was 3000 people
Vendors: Streetza, Gouda Girls, GTO, Hue and Babe’s will back. Do you want to see more?
Had over 60 sponsors the entire season.
Need additional project volunteers (i.e., kids and family night / Run for the Parks)
What Else would you like to see at Chill?
1st Music Campaign!! We are asking 100 people to dontate $100 to raise $10,000 to host the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra for the Chill Opening Concert June 2nd! Email request to follow / Donations can be made via our website or payments accepted today!! (All donations are tax deductible)
on the
Public Safety

-$6,000 for Additional Park Staff March 2015
-$10,000 for Skate Spot
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