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Amy Yu

on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of Map

Irvine, CA to Orlando, FL

Irvine, CA to Orlando, FL
Vector Drawing
Formula For Average Speed
4012.095 km
0.032km per second=
126,000 sec.
It would take about 126,000seconds, or 35 hours, or 1.5 days to drive to our destination, Orlando, Florida. Our destination is about 4,012.095 km away.

65 m/h=104.602 km/h
Speed Limit=65 m/h
You want to speed up until you reach 65 mi/h 104.602 km/h or and then keep at a constant rate so that you don't get a ticket.
Our Acceleration

=1.74km/s squared
60 Sec

Displacement Calculation
Actual Distance: 4,012.095km
Displacement(Vector) Distance: 3,500km
The displacement distance is always shorter because it is going straight to a place without making any turns or stops. For example, you could think of it like a bird vs a car, the bird would fly straight to the place, whereas the car would have to make lots of turns and stops to get to the same place.
_ Hr)
Magnitude: South East
Actual Distance:
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