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5 Seconds of Summer

Created for new fans to get to know the band, enjoy!


on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of 5 Seconds of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer History :) The Beginning Somewhere New EP Once upon a time, there was a 14 year old boy with
an amazing voice. His name was Luke Hemmings. He decided to share his talents with the rest of the world on YouTube. Luke's covers became kind of popular and soon after, two boys from his school, Calum and Michael, joined him in his videos, calling themselves 5 Seconds of Summer. Calum and Michael! Ashton! The boys did gigs around Australia and released a 3 song EP titled Unplugged. This EP included Gotta Get Out, Too Late, and I Miss You (Blink 182) Gigs and Unplugged That same year, the boys also released another EP, titled 'Somewhere New,' which included Unpredictable, another version of Gotta Get Out, Beside You, and Out of my Limit. 5 Seconds of Summer didn't have a drummer,
so they added Ashton Irwin! Touring with 1D! In February 2013, 5 Seconds of Summer announced that they'd be opening for One Direction's Take Me Home Tour. The Boys of 5SOS Luke Robert Hemmings Age: 16
Birthday: July 16, 1996
Luke's mom is a math teacher
Luke likes penguins. Calum Thomas Hood Age: 16
Birthday: January 25, 1996
Kiwi and Scottish
Calum loves the game FIFA
Plays Bass Michael Gordon Clifford Age: 17
Birthday:Novembe 20, 1995
Michael likes Camilla Cabello from Fifth Harmony.
Enjoys the game of ping-pong. Ashton Fletcher Irwin Age: 18
Birthday: July 7, 1994
Oldest member in band
Joined 5SOS in December 2011
Ashton likes Spaghetti
Favorite color is red. Thanks for viewing!
Thanks to 5sos-at-heart.tumblr.com for a lot of the facts! Also, thank you to all of the uploaders of the pictures and videos used in this presentation. How to Use:
Use the arrows to control the presentation.
Enjoy :)
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