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The Great Mathewson Egg drop

No description

Mr. Stack

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of The Great Mathewson Egg drop

The Great Mathewson Egg drop
The Egg Quiz

How much do you know about eggs?
How strong are eggs?
They can be very fragile.
A year of eggs!
They are stronger than you think!!!
Click on the link to take the quiz!
The Contest!
: Your group of three will work together to design,build,revise and test and a medication delivery system. The egg, which will simulate how fragile these medications are must survive a 100 foot fall from the top of a firetrucks ladder.
The Rules:

1. All members of the group must participate.

2. Group must use the selected materials and a
few others (try to be inventive).

3. Invention must fit in a 1ft cubic foot container
or in an milk crate.

4. Watch for Industrial espionage.
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