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Copy of Copy of Butler Service

The Oberoi Gurgaon

Anubha Khandelwal

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Butler Service

Butler Service at The Oberoi, Dubai The butler is a key element in a team of professionals striving to deliver a level of personalized service that exceeds not only the expectation of the client but will add his personal attributes to enhance the service provided within the hotel. The Oberoi Group Of Hotels and Resorts understands that luxury guests appreciate some pampering. Many of our hotels feature butlers trained to anticipate their needs and comply with utmost speed and efficiency Multi Skilled
Eyes and Ears of Senior Management
Good Personality

Ambassador for the hotel/company
Un paralleled service
Quick and efficient
One window service Head Butler/ Supervisor Hierarchy Training and Development Buddy System
Butler Manual
Training Schedule
Cross Department Training Programme
Task Completion Product Butler Pantries
Butler Phones
Butler Button
Butler Console
Operating Equipment People Manning
Team Welfare
Communications Process Check in Procedures
Acknowledging Guest Butler Button
Handling of Guest Requests
Group and FAM check-in's
Guest Preference Data
Creating avenues to Wow Guests
VIP arrivals
Recording of Requests Butler Manual Black Book/ Rule Book Why Butler ? Functioning Floor and Personal Butlers In depth information about the hotel services and facilities
Enhancement of Product Knowledge
Key Responsibilities and job roles of Butler Manager, supervisor and assistant
Butler Service Standards
Standard operating procedures for each butler related task
Room Orientation Procedures
Concierge information A guide for handling request's of guest's
Mentions the situation, solution, follow ups and the department that needs to be coordinated
Provides information on how to handle different nationalities of guests, long stay guests, celebrities, weekend families, groups and FIT guests
It is duly updated by the butler team whenever a request which is other than the ordinary is attended to Our Guidance Butler Button provided in every guest room Butler Console Butler Pantry Butler Pantry Phone Butler Floor Mobile Phone Butler Uniform Welcome Drink Service Welcome Drink Set up ButlerAcknowledgement Button Personalization They treated me with exceptional care, and my butler Shiv was very courteous and friendly. Excellent accommodations and the best service I have received anywhere in the world. I can't wait to stay at another Oberoi. It was worth every dollar spent.
- Mr. Micheal Stevens

This is by far the best hotel ever visited. Service was impeccable. .The Butler was excellent and the it felt as everything was just custom made for us. Thank you Samik
- Mr. Peter Watson

The service was immaculate and the attention to detail present from the moment the car door opened till the time we departed was outstanding. Bobineeta and Ghulam my floor butlers were exceptional. Both of them remembered our name and attended to even smallest request at very odd times.
- Ms. Rose Williams

The staff is among the friendliest we experienced on our 6 day stay. Mayank really made us feel at home. His attention to detail impressed us. His cheerful attitude and his personal touch not only made the stay exception but also memorable.
- Mr. & Mrs. Smith Guest Feedback Greeting guests on special occasions Picture Amenities in rooms Personalized Welcome Letters Personal Butlers presenting their personal business cards to guest's Placing fruits as per guest preference Minibar Placing of minibar items as per the company of the guest. Placing personalized equipments in suite pantries Champions Programme Guest History
Guest Comment Cards
Compliment a colleague
Gift Vouchers Thank You IRD Manager/Butler Manager Personal/ Floor Butlers EAM Food & Beverage Attributes of a Butler Duties of a Butler Preparing Suite/ Room before arrival
Connecting with the guest's personal assistant to make advance arrangements and coordinate the stay.
Greeting and introducing self to the guest on arrival
Unpacking and laundry assistance
Shoe shining assistance.
Handling in-room dining requests
Organizing Special lunches or dinners in the dining room or on the private venue.
Offer concierge service.
Scheduling treatments at Spa.
Setting up sessions with a private fitness and yoga instructor
Attending to other needs in personal tailor-made ways. Check in Procedures
Acknowledging Guest Butler Button
Handling of Guest Requests
Group and FAM check-in's
Guest Preference Data
Creating avenues to Wow Guests
VIP arrivals
Recording of Requests Process Floor Butlers Floor and Personal Butlers Dedicated to a particular floor
Acknowledging all butler requests on that floor
Checking VIP rooms and amenities pertaining to that floor
Available 24 hour's Personal Butlers Exclusive for highly distinguished guests
Studies the guest's profile prior to arrival
One point contact for the guest's every need and requirement
Arranges wake up calls, meals, transport, laundry, room, cocierge facilities, spa appointments, special dinners, special equipment to be placed in the rooms, etc
Lady Butlers are given to single lady travellers as a point of contact
Always available at the guest's disposal
Ensuring to leave a fond memory in the mind of the guest
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