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Body Issues in Fashion Illustration

No description

claire cormeau

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Body Issues in Fashion Illustration

-Creates stereotypes
-Distort views of beauty and the ideal
-Effect how women feel about their bodies
-Unattainable images
-Leads to serious issues such as eating disorders
-Beauty is diverse and broad Why Should We Care? (Edralin, 2011) (Pilgrom) (Lacroix) Breaking
the Mold HISTORY Body Issues in
Fashion Illustration Women's Fashion
Illustration Men's Fashion Illustration Androgyny in Fashion Illustration
Basic Fashion Illustration Proportions


Lack of Diversity

History of Altering Women's Appearances

Breaking the Mold

Why Should We Care? - (Abling, 2008) -Average woman is 7-8
heads tall (Abling, 2008)
-Fashion illustrations are
9-10 heads tall (Abling 2008)
-Narrow hips, nipped waist, long legs, thin torso, long necks, exaggerated collar bones, perky breasts (Abling 2008)
-Overall proportions unachievable Media Culture -Skinny is beautiful
-Even models and celebrities are not perfect
-Images altered with Photoshop
-Plastic surgery Place in Society -1950's housewife
-demure poses
-image extremely
-lounging, relaxing
-illustrations reflected
the times -Corsets
-Shoulder pads
-Shape wear
-Binding feet -Modern Illustrations of women
are "sexed up"
-Focus on youth (Downtown) Lack of Diversity -Lack of:
-Variety in body types
-Racial diversity
-Body type diversity
-Variety of ages/life stages

-Skinny (Lopez) FiFi Lapin Basic Fashion
Proportions (M)anorexia Influences Fashion Models still heavily influence fashion illustrations (My Vintage Vogue) -elongated necks
-stick thin legs
-current fashion illustrations seem to not follow the classic rules of male fashion illustration Illustration Books Classic Male Croquis Style - Chest is v-shaped
- Neck is thicker
- Shoulders 2 heads wide
- Hips are narrow
- Pronounced knee caps
- 8 heads tall
- Arms have pronounced curves
- Realistic, muscular legs Narrow View
of Beauty (Webneel) History of
Altering Women's
Appearances What is Normal? With trickle up effect, gay, lesbian and transsexual subcultures are affecting fashion and fashion illustration.
Rise of these subcultures in the 70's and 80's
Jean-Paul Gaultier liked to push the boundaries of gender and sexual ambiguity, which is reflected in this Francois Berthoud illustration of Jean-Paul Gaultier fashion
Ball Culture originating from Harlem in the 70's and 80's.
Vogueing, a dance form where the gay and cross dressing community would pose as if models of Vogue brought androgyny and playfulness to fashion
Movie clip from "Paris Is Burning" (Deliah's Collection) Diversity in the fashion illustrations of today 1915 1950 Media Models Models being used for womenswear and menswear Fashion Designers fashion illustrations of the past have very similar traits.
- Mature aged men
- Caucasian
- Suit and Tie Are the garments being designed androgynous Sources Some of the things that affect fashion illustration Pop Culture Agyness Deyn, Willy Cartier, Andrej Pejic Not the norm yet, but definitely a trend (Palmer, 2009) Androgyny is gaining prominence in pop culture David Bowie in the 70's Marylin Manson in the 90's
Now it is everywhere Media (Lapin) Introduction Conclusion Focus on body issues in fashion with a focus on fashion illustration as it relates to adults:
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Zoya, Smirnova. Life Sketch. Digital image. N.p., n.d. Web. 7 Apr. 2013. <http://www.zoyasmirnova.com/#!illustration/coba>. How this type of fashion illustration affects body issues Blurring the lines between masculine and feminine makes diversity more socially accepted
Diversity in:
Body types
Facial characteristics
Sexual orientations There is a definited trend of androgyny in Magazines, Blogs, Ads
Candy Magazine - first fashion magazine devoted entirely to transgenderism and androgyny - opened in 2009 (The Telegraph) (Candy Magazine in
The Telegraph) (Bowie) (J.W. Anderson) (Helen Bullock) (Paquet) (Pejic) (Pejic) (Deyn) (Manson) Androgynous Section (Berthoud, 1987) (Amiri) (Haines) (Smirnova) Women
Issue stems from
Basic fashion illustration proportions
Media Culture
Women's place in society
History of altering women's appearances
Current trends
Lack of diversity
Unattainable images
"Sexed up" culture
Change of Focus
Issue stems from
Male models body images
what is the current ideology of male beauty
Current trends
(m)anorexia Men's Section "Modern Mens’ Fashions. Illustrated." You Dont Want to Miss out on The Good Life. The Good Life, 24 Mar. 2010. Web. 07 Apr. 2013.
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Fashion illustrations are becoming more diverse in terms of gender roles and sexual diversity. This is a result of what is happening in:
the media
pop culture
fashion designers
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