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1st Day of Art

No description

Amanda Cloud

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of 1st Day of Art

Welcome to Art Class
Mrs. Cloud
4-5 projects total
Grades include: projects, quizzes/tests, sketchbooks and participation
6th-7th Grade Art
6th Grade 7th Grade
Be nice.
Work hard.
Follow directions.
Raise your hand.
Clean up.
Rules and Expectations
Art Student Contract: review/sign/turn in!
Introduce sketchbook requirements
Make sketchbooks
Next class...
Classroom sign-out/ Fire drills
Sinks: Keep 'em clean!
Sketchbook Closet
Inspiration Station
"What's Happening" board
Project requirements
Kiln and paper cutter: no-go zone!
Classroom Tour
Asked Questions
Is talking allowed during class?
Talking while working is a PRIVILEGE! If you are silent while working on the art starter, then you will earn the privilege to talk QUIETLY while working. If it gets too loud, there will be no more talking and this will be enforced with demerits/detention.
Can we use the restroom during class?
The restroom pass is for EMERGENCIES only! Only one student may go at a time and you must sign out. No restroom breaks before completing the art starter, during instructions, or at clean up time.
What do I need for art class?
Sharpened PENCIL
A good attitude
Your brain
What should I do
when I come to art class?
Have a SHARPENED pencil
Get your sketchbook
Sit in your assigned seat
SILENTLY complete the art starter
Will we have homework?
Yes, but only if you don't use your class time wisely. Projects will be homework if they are unfinished after they are due. You will have an in-class due date, and if you don't finish, then a homework due date.
Can I take supplies home?
You may sign out supplies only if you need to catch up on your art project (ex. missed a class or it's past due). You may not sign out supplies or take your project home if you are caught up. You may NOT sign out Sharpies...they don't leave the room!...Ever.
On the lined side of your note card, answer the following questions in complete sentences.
Art Starter
1. What was your favorite art project last year? Why?
2. Name one art skill you would like to improve. Why do you want to improve this skill?
1. Seat Change
2. Demerit
3. Detention
4. Office Referral
Art is not what you see,
but what you make
others see. - Degas
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