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No description

Justin Thornton

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Polynesia

Hawai’i Kia Ora Titi Torea Waka Tattoo Carving Poi Ball All Black Rugby – Haka Malo E Lelei Kailao Tapa - Cloth Last Polynesian Kingdom King George Tupou V Drummers - Nafa Tau’olunga Iorana Dancers Surf Drummers Coconut Bread Pearls Talofa UMU - Cooking American Samoa Taupou Cracking Coconut Samoa Fire Knife Tree Climbing Tonga Tahiti New Zealand Samoa Kayla Maxwell,
Danielle Whittaker,
Jacob Probert,
Justin Thornton,
Miguel Ovies Presented by: The State - 8 large islands
& 124 small islands - August 20, 1959 Kauai History -First settlers 500 AD
-Tahitians arrived about 1000 AD -British explorer Captain James Cook ‘discovered’ the islands in 1778. He was mistakenly treated as the god "Lono" the god of good fortune and harvest -1790s, King Kamehameha, chief of the Big Island, conquered and united all the Hawaiian islands. -In 1893 a group of American businessmen overthrew the Hawaiian monarchy. The US government was initially reluctant to support the coup, but it soon rationalized its colonialism by citing the islands’ strategic importance' Kalua Pork Poke Food Spam Poi The Hula
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