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AVID Tutorology

No description

Jamie Bailey

on 16 July 2013

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Transcript of AVID Tutorology

AVID Tutorial Process
AVID Tutorial - Purpose/Overview:
- To use a training tool with AVID teachers, tutors, and students to ensure they are equipped to conduct collaborative tutorials that lead to critical thinking and increase student achievement in academic classes.
- To assist school sites in meeting the Essential 8 requirements for training teachers and tutors.
- To provide a classroom resource for refining the tutorial process and for coaching and supporting members of the AVID Tutorial Team (AVID site coordinator, Site Tutor Trainers, teachers, tutors and students.

Before the Tutorial
1) Students take Cornell Notes in academic classes.

2) While completing homework/studying for tests/reviewing Cornell notes the night before a TRF.

3) Teacher/Tutor collects TRF’s before students enter the classroom.
- Note: If a student does not complete a TRF at home, before class, they will receive a “0” for pre-work (this is worth 12 of the 40 points possible – that means the highest grade you could achieve is a 70% for the day)
10 Step Tutorial Process
- The AVID tutorial Process has been divided into three parts – before tutorial, during tutorial, and after tutorial.

- These parts provide a framework for the 10 steps that need to take place to create effective, rigorous and collaborative tutorials
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