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Computer History : Developing Through Time

No description

Audrei Aviso

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Computer History : Developing Through Time

They didn't have
easy acces to
electricity . . . soo , they had
really different
computing devices History of Computers Developing Through Time Computing Technology has been around WAY longer than you would expect it has been. The first computing devices definitely didn't resemble the most commonly used ones today, but they were still computing devices!

It doesn't necessarily have to have a mouse, keyboard, monitor or touchscreen to qualify as a computing device.As long as the device helped to compute , it was a piece of computing technology! Thnx
watching Simplicity . . Not all computing devices (or well , "computers") have a mouse, keyboard, monitor or batteries. You may not realize it, but a computing device is just anything that helps us to compute !

They can be really simple , like an abacus, a calculator, or even a bag of rocks! Abacus :
It was invented a REALLY long time ago, but it
has to be one of the most significant inventions.
It's basically a calculator, except it doesn't require batteries! Timeline Computing Technology PROGRESS OF COMPUTING DEVICES 3000 B.C Abacus INVENTED by the Chinese. It is a counting device
or a device for making calculations Source : www.ideafinder.com Calculator Back then , the computing devices were
made to HELP solve problems.
In the new millenium , most computing devices
can solve any problem in a blink of an eye !
( not exactly , but you get my point? ) The first calculator was invented by :
John Napier in 1617. Which was known as Napier's bones which was used to calculate the product and quotient of numbers. After this invention numerous other calculators were invented .

SOURCE:computerhistory.org Before modern calculators,
the first calculator was
" Pascals Calculator "

It was invented WAAY earlier,
and was way more complicated! 1943 - First Electronic General Purpose Computer ( ENIAC) . - It was mostly used and owned by
armies in time of war. 1999 2005 2012 2014 2017 2022 iBook
By Apple
An e-book /
electronic book www.computerhope.com Google Maps
By Google
Online map that
gives directions to
many places www.computer.com Microsoft Surface
By Microsoft
A tablet that can be a
computer, meant for helping students
Comes with attached keyboard www.engadget.com iPad 5
By Apple
Now you can plug in any type of ( non-apple) usb,
mouse's , keyboards , etc
to this apple product * imagination of innovation* Galaxy Fit
By Samsung
Phone is charged as you move, as it senses movements !
Run , jog or walk.
Save energy, save money and get excersize!
Just attach to included belt * imagination of innovation * Source: library.thinkquest.org 1953 Core Memory Created by : Jay
Forrester The core memory made computers more reliable, faster and easier to use. Source: www.computerhistory.org 1967 The 1st Floppy Disk Drive (FDD)
was created by the IBM company
and was used for saving and sto-
ing data.

Source: www.designboom.com 1977 The First Desktop Computer was sold by the Tandy shack corporation. It quickly dominated because of its atractive features.

Resource : ideafinder.com Googlegram
By Google What would be the best? Past: 1984 The first macintosh was introduced on January 24th and was the first
commercially successful computer to feature a mouse and a graphical user interface. Made By:
Audrei Aviso
Fatima Abidi Say goodbye to bulky, easy
to break tablets! This product
is holographic, so it doesn't
weigh a thing.
It only breaks when wet, so
don't be afraid when you drop
it! *imagination of innovation* New Millenium: Laptop :
Laptops have been really helpful to everybody. First of all, they're basically portable computers!We're also able to store information on it. You can use it to access the internet, which is used for entertainment, research and school.
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