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No description

Jorge Barrientos

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of BEEJUY_iBeacon_Ad_Platfrom

We build a custom app for Smartphone users that reads every beacon, no matter the brand or type. It identifies the Hex_Id_Code that belongs to each beacon and relates the Id to a singular or several campaigns that were assigned to that Beacon Id.

When it relates the beacon with the Ad, it send an instruction to the mobile app to display the Ad or generate an instant notification. This will alert the user that he is near a store or place that has a beacon with a particular offer or interaction attached to it, that will generate a tangible value to the consumer.
do it?
How we
We are opening in 3 Countries over Central America:
- Guatemala
- El Salvador
- Honduras
Building our Beecon Network in Malls, Restaurants, Department Stores, Supermarkets using existing advertising agencies to promote the Ad spots.
are we?
On site unique offers that can be redeem immediately or saved for future visits.
Consumer chooses his own preferences avoiding ad spam.
Can share any offer to friends or online social communities.

Most of the time, when passing in front of any store, you might not know that your favorite item is on sale or they have any sort of clearance that only if you walk-in the store you'll see it.

With Beecon this will not happen again!!
Visual advertisement shows us offers or product that we dont even care if there is a promotion, we want to see our personal preferences without visual spamming.

We HATE spamming!
Maybe the offer or promotion you saw is not of your personal interest, but you know a friend that will love it... why not share it?

BUZZ Your Friends!

Complete Network for different stores and brands to advertise within the mall infrastructure complementing existing Ads, offering a better exposure.
(Content Management System) that will allow the Client (Brand, Mall, Store, etc...) to upload their own campaigns by selecting the desire Beecon network, assigning the Ad to be displayed with different time options. We are making sure to build a self-service web platform to avoid maintenance and campaign administration fees for the client, in an easy to use software.

We are a software development company that is building a Advertising Platform using different front-ends and technologies, to offer clients a diverse selection to advertise their brands according to different market segments.
Using Apple's proprietary technology we build a custom mobile app to operate different advertisement campaigns by reaching the potential client directly to generate potential leads.
We are not only giving the client the opportunity to brand himself in our beacon Network, but we are also generating the right set of Business Intelligence Data in a graphic report platform to analyze valuable consumer information that we captured.
Who are we?
Business Intelligence
All potential clients will benefit from the Business Intelligence Platform, giving them accurate consumer information for marketing research.
We also have a distribution channel in Bogota Colombia using the same Advertising Agencies platform
Using a Software Development partner in Buenos Aires, we are expanding our beecon network starting in a local soccer team stadium.
Dance Tango
We will
Since our company was born in the US, we would like to expand first in TX, taking advantage of Geekdom collaborative platform, and local personnel.
Beecons will not only expose brands and stores, but could be used to promote future events, mall opening, and municipal areas near the mall premises to move traffic to other areas by using gamified Ads.
A better client oriented platform to improve food court experiences by pointing available tables, offering desserts and complementing the eating experience by knowing consumer preferences.
Department stores experience will change, by relating client preffered products with other complementing products improving the purchasing experience.
By changing proximity settings at the beecon app, consumer will take benefits in each department by approaching or passing in front of new season collections or new brands introduced.
Brands will obtain detailed data on consuming patterns per user by taking benefit of all the Data Gathering and Business Intelligence Platform that Beejuy is offering.
BTL (Below The Line) Ads in the hand of every potential customer with the ability to detect if the customer entered the premises or is passing near any promotion available, increasing the selling opportunity.
Easiest and direct way to let potential customer know of new lines or products launching, by pointing benefits, specifications and comparisons with existing competitors lines.
Ads could be timed... by setting the beecons Ads at different times. For example the brand knows that mornings are more suitable to "x" product than afternoons, but for "y" products evenings are the best (ex. beers vs. fruits). Based on consumer patterns provided by our BI Platform.
(Business Intelligence) In Beejuy we understand the importance of interpreting the right set of Data make better business decisions. That's why we are building our Business Intelligence and Analytics platform that will give the client specific data on consumer segments, patterns, brand or product impact, season reports and client profiling to improve future campaigns and launch the right products aimed to consumer preferences.

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