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CALA 40th Anniversary

No description

Ning Zou

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of CALA 40th Anniversary

Voice of CALA-Sponsored ALA Emerging Leaders
Class of 2010, 2011, and 2012

Class of 2010 ELs
Project title: CALA Twenty-first Century Librarian Seminar Series

Class of 2011 ELs
Project title: Library Websites Usability

Class of 2012 ELs
Project title: Project 40/40: A Celebration of CALA's 40th
EL Experiences
Rich learning experience
Positive team work experience
Valuable community-based approach
Great support and encouragement from the organization
Networking and professional development opportunities
2010 EL Experience
Great learning opportunity(from the inside) about ALA
Excellent venue for brushing up on teamwork skills
Wonderful platform for learning from reputable leaders as well as from peers
Additional motivator for me to give back to the organization

2011 EL Experience
It's Open Mic Time !
2012 EL Experience
CALA Services
Networking across ALA and CALA
A sense of the history of the association
Springboard to presenting to the profession
Presented by

Chris Kyauk, Public Librarian
San Leandro Public Library
2012 Class of ALA Emerging Leaders

Mingyan Li, Metadata Librarian
Harper College
2010 Class of ALA Emerging Leaders

Min Tong, Reference/Instruction Librarian
University of Central Florida
2011 Class of ALA Emerging Leaders

Ning Zou, Instruction Coordinator
Dominican University
2010 Class of ALA Emerging Leaders
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