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Absolutely, My iDevice Can Do That!

About Apple devices- iphone and ipad, Tots and Technology 2014

Haley Wallace

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of Absolutely, My iDevice Can Do That!

Absolutely, My iDevice Can Do That!
Battery Life
Close apps when you are not using them
Charge only when necessary
Four fingers up- bring up multitasking bar (iPad)
Four fingers across- quickly goes between open apps (iPad)
Four fingers to the middle - closes an app (iPad)
Shake iDevice to undo typing (like an Etch-A-Sketch)
Tap clock at the top of the screen to return to the top of the page
Hard Reset- hold home and power button
Bookmark a site and create icon
Move apps around, create folders, customize bottom toolbar
Notification bar-pull down - Today, All, Missed
Keyboard split
Only use an iPhone charger with an iPhone
An iPad charger can be used with any iDevice
Location services- turn on or off as desired: Privacy> Location Services
Turn on your 'find my idevice' option: iCloud
Adjust 'Auto-Lock' setting
Setup app restrictions: general - resrictions
Document Camera
iPevo Stand
icloud- sync pictures to use photo stream
Turn off wifi
Hold finger on vowels for accent options
Create keyboard shortcuts: general- keyboard
Take a picture of your screen - tap home and power button at the same time

- organized discounted/free apps

- controls computer
- helps look up items and haggle discount

- helps you read QR codes
Connects from iDevice to projector or TV with an HDMI cable
Copying and pasting
Double tap the shift key to get caps lock
Use the "reader" feature in Safari
- great for taking notes and working with Microsoft
Be a zookeeper and talk to animals
Find iPhone/iPad
- locates idevice
Shake a Phrase

- story/conversation starter
Virtual Manipulatives
- math, fractions
- musical keyboard
Questions? Thoughts?
Accessibility options- General-accessiblity
Adjust your brightness level to save battery
Take a picture of your 'About' screen
Save an article or webpage to read offline
Change signature on e-mail account: Mail, Contacts, Calendars- Signature
Adjust Notifications
It does not use a wireless network connection
It sends a signal to a receiver that is plugged into the TV or projector
For more information go to:
Or contact Michael at: mchurch@mistechnologies.com
Haley Wallace
Account Manager

About $50
Word Bug Spell
- helps with building words K and 1st
10 failed attempts at the passcode will wipe device
Switch Zoo
Science: animal information switching animal parts to create new animals
Highlight a word and use the 'define' feature
Format words - double tap while in edit mode
Hold down vowel keys to see symbols
Control Center
Reading Material
Link for this Prezi
App Store
Game Center
3D Motion - Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion
Refreshing Apps - Settings > General > Background App Refresh

-Airplane Mode
-Do Not Disturb
-Lock Rotation/Mute
-Music Player
-AirDrop -

Turn off while in Apps - Settings > Control Center
One finger down brings up Search feature
Swipe up!
Share photos, videos, web page,
app link, and more

Shared Links - accesses Twitter links
Camera has built in editing options and filters
In Photos see location of photos taken ( location services has to be on when photo is taken)
Turn iPhoto/iPod in landscape view to see more calculator options
Messages - see the time of each message - swipe left
Limit Ad tracking- Turn On - Privacy > Advertising
Sharing with families - apps & music
Smarter keyboard
Opting out of group messages
Answer phone call on iPad
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