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Pre-writing skills for essay writing

lee sa wong

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Pre-Writing

Pre writing Skills
Write an essay
entitled: The Definition of Life! Blank mind? What can I say? What else can I say? How do I start? How do I continue? You must be thinking... Pre-writing techniques! Freewriting
Jotting down rough sentences
Anything that comes into mind
Less grammar concern Freewriting Activity Title:
Traffic on LRT Questioning
Generate ideas by asking questions
Ask as many questions as possible Questioning Activity Title:
Public Buses in KL Making a List
Also known as brainstorming
Jot down details that relate to your subject
Activity! Public Toilet National Zoo TV Syndrome! Clustering Techinique
Also known as diagramming or mapping
Helpful for people who likes to think in a visual way (pictures & drawings) Activity! Childhood
memories Scratch Outline
Sequel to the first four techniques
To check if you need to do more pre-writing
Think carefully on your points, supporting points
A framework of your essay
Topic: Movie-going
Supporting groups:
1. Annoyance in going out
2. Too many tempting snacks
3. Other people
1 Traffic is bad between my house & theatre
3 Noisy patrons
Don’t want to run into Jeremy
2 Hard to be on a diet
2 Kids running in aisles
3 Crowded in between strangers
1 Not enough parking
1 Parking lot needs to be expanded
1 Too many previews
Can’t pause or fast forward
1Long lines
Activity! Use one of the topics that you have
done for the previous
pre-writing techniques Final Activity! One given topic for
all 4 pre-writing techniques! Can I NOT do this activity? Answer: NO
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