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on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Networks

STAR Topology
One of the most common types of networks is Star topology. This uses a central connection point for all the devices on the network.
The central connection point can be a server, a hub, a router or switches.
Advantages And
if one of the cables fails the other computers can still be used.
you can add extra computers without slowing other computers down or disturbing the network.

its higher in cost.
it depends on the hub /router so if the device at the centre of the network fails then the whole network will fail.
The four main types are Bus, Star, peer to Peer and Client. Each one has advantages and disadvantages. For some it makes it easier to add more computers e.g star topology. You can add extra computers without slowing any down. Whereas with Bus topology if you add more than 12 computers to the network it slows the performance of the network down.
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