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Adventure 9:"The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb"

No description

kimberly rascon

on 3 May 2017

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Transcript of Adventure 9:"The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb"

Ten Commandments of Mystery
Rule #3 : Not more than one secret room or passage is allowed.
This Rule had been broken by Doyle as it is that there had been the unknown press room and then the secret door at the end of the hydraulic Press leading to the outside.
Rule #1: There must be a surprise ending and or twist in the story that the reader never saw coming.
From beginning to end the author was so great at being able to give the reader an in depth image of the scenes that as a reader, had been able to figure out almost all of the mystery aspects of the story.
The story begins with Mr. Hatherley, a hydraulic engineer entering Dr. Watson's office holding a bloody handkerchief over his hand where his thumb had been cut off. Watson treats the man's wound and then brings him to Sherlock Holmes to investigate what happened. Once there, Mr. Hatherley explains all that had happened. He says that because he wasn't making very much money, he accepted a job from Mr. Stark who had made him swear secrecy about it and requested that he come during the night. Despite this, the man had offered him 50 guineas (about $7000) for one night of work, so he accepted. Once he arrives in Berkshire, where Mr. Stark lives, Mr. Stark takes him for an hour long carriage ride in a sealed carriage to his house. When they get there, Mr. Stark's maid warns Mr. Hatherley to leave. He ignores the remark and continues on to Mr. Stark's machine. It is a hydraulic press that he claims is used to press Fuller's earth, a type of valuable clay.
The Turning Point
Mr. Hatherley goes inside the machine when he notices metal crust on it. He thinks this is suspicious, because if it were being used to press clay it wouldn't have metal on it. He realizes that Mr. Stark was lying the whole time! Just as he does, he hears a heart-wrenching sound...the machine has been turned on with him inside!
What Happens Next?
I'm afraid that I can't tell you any more for fear of spoiling the story. It's up to you to find out how the engineer lost his thumb, or how he managed to escapes the machines death grip but listen carefully and you may be able to put the pieces together just as Sherlock Homes did in order to solve this very same case.
Personal Response #1
little to no mystery elements involved in the plot line
There had been no surprise or twist when closing the story.
I was able to predict almost all of the key events that occur.
Adventure 9: The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb
Predict What you think will happen next and raise your hand to give an answer
Author's Style
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle basically wrote this story in his usual Sherlock Holmes style. There are some differences obvious differences though.
-Watson introducing the case
-Sherlock's relatively minimal involvement
Summer of 1891.
Watson is now married.
Sherlock Holmes lives by himself on bakers street.
Watson is working as a doctor.
Mystery Deer Question Time
Dr. Watson
Sherlock Holmes
Victor Hatherley
Colonel Lysander Stark
Elise (the Colonel's maid)
Inspector Bradstreet
The summer of 1889
Dr. Watson's practice, 221 B Baker Street, and the Colonel's house in Berkshire, England
Main Characters
amazing in depth characterization of some of the more important characters.
There was plenty of imagery being used by the author to depict certain scenes and describe a character's actions
Personal Response #2
Author's Background
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was born May 22, 1859 in Edinburgh, Scotland.
He looked up to one of his professors, Dr. Joseph Bell, who had physical and character traits that were similar to Sherlock Holmes, a character that Doyle creates in later years.
An inspiration for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was Edgar Allen Poe
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle made Sherlock for fun, and decided to test the story by putting it in a British magazine.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote in almost every genre
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle died in 1930 holding a flower, and his last words were, "You are wonderful." He affected the world in many ways.
Personal response #3
Have you figured out how Mr.Hatherely escaped his near death experience and lost one of his two thumbs? Raise your Hand to answer.
Mr.Hatherley had been guided out by the maid through a secret door way at the end of the press
Mr.Hatherely had found out why these foreigners really needed the press so Colonel Stark wasn't going to let him go but when making an escape through the window, Stark chopped off his thumb before falling all the way down the side of the home.
By:Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Project done by Kimberly, Tanner, Kevin, and Alfredo
Mostly has the key factors of a mystery story without the mystery
Everything was mostly predictable to see coming.
The Imagery was shown so perfectly which made the story more interesting to see what actually happened
In our opinion's this was Arthur's unsatisfying stories he's brought to the world
This stories ending was a ordinary , Had no extravagant features to it.
This story was well worded.
This stories mystery aspect was very obvious in the clues given what was going to happen.
Personal Response #4
One pros is the thrill of when the character was in near death experience
Another is how he got his thumb cut off was kind of a mystery
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