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Ms. Mc Caffrey

on 16 September 2017

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Transcript of Interdependence

A way of describing how we are all linked to other people and countries around the world

Is about the organisations that we are linked to...
The European Commission
It is set in Brussels
It has 27 members one from each EU country.
These men and women are called Commisioners.
Their job is to THINK what is best for Europe.
The European Parliament
It discusses new laws being proposed by the commission.
It holds meetings in Strasbourg in France but also Brussels and Belgium.
There are 736 members of the parliament. They are called MEP'S and are elected every 5 years by us.
The Council of the European Union
When the head of state or government meet it is called the Council of the EU.
When heads of state meet these meetings are called summits.The Council president is Herman Von Rompuy.
When government ministers meet it is called the Council of Ministers.
Every six months a different country takes over the presidency of the EU.
ireland held the presidency from January to June 2013.
Can you name the organisation?
How does the EU work?
It is a group of
countries who believe in working together for prosperity.
The European Union
The EU has three main institutions:

1. The European Commission, who THINK out new laws and makes sure the new EU laws are put in place.
2. The European Parliament, TALKS about any suggestions for new laws.

3. The Council of Europe DECIDES on what becomes EU law.
Decisions and laws have to be made wit the common interest of all member states.
Important People
President of the EC Jean Claude Juncker
Irelands nominate EU Commisioner Phil Hogan
Ireland and the EU
We became a member of the EEC IN 1973.
We have held the presidency of the EU 7 times since then.
Who is our representative at the EU Commission?
In 2009 Ireland elected 5 MEP's to the European Parliament.
How have we benefited from joining the EU?
Developed roads and public transport
Provide education and training
Created jobs
Finance local projects
Develop farming and subsidise farmers.
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