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art therapy

about art therapy because its cool

Cassidy Fowler

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of art therapy

Double click anywhere & add an idea Art Therapy This is a form of expressive
Therapy. The idea is to see
into the subconchense It is to relise and express ones self after going through some type of ordeal. This way the psyciatrist can see more of what the person is thinking. Some anerexic clinics have their patians draw a picture of them selves. It shows the therapists what the patiant sees and helps them know how to treat them. "Painting has to get back to its original goal, examining the inner lives of human beings." ~ Peirre Bonnard Art theropy has also been used in suiside cases. If the suisidal person was an artest it can help the parents undersand when their children where so sad and when everything changed Art theropy comined the psyatric science with profectional art knolage.
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