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Stargirl Prezi Presintation

No description

Anna Pannell

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of Stargirl Prezi Presintation

Stargirl Prezi Presentation
Stargirl is a novel written by the famous author, Jerry Spinelli. This interesting book gives a story about how young adults react to nonconformity.
Main Characters
Protagonists and Antagonists
The Greeks said the Protagonist was the supporter of the main character and that the Antagonist were the people against the Main Character and the Protagonists
One of the Conflicts was that Stargirl doesn't fit in and the students at Mica High don't know how to react to her.
3 Major Events
The first Major Event was when Stargirl and Leo were walking together around town and playing the "card game".
Leo Borlock, the narrator and the main character in my opinion
Stargirl, or Susan Caraway
A. H. (Archibald Hapwood) Brubaker, or Archie, a wise teacher that lives in a house of bones in the desert (Leo and Stargirl are both students at Mica High School)
Minor Characters
Hillari Kimble, she dislikes Stargirl
Wayne Parr, Hillari's boyfriend
Kevin Quinlan, Leo's good friend
Dori Dilson, Stargirl's good friend (All these minor characters attend Mica High)
Leo's Protagonists
Stargirl's Protagonists
Dori Dilson
Both Antagonists
The whole school
The Protagonist in recent times means the main character or hero of the story. The Antagonist in recent times means the villain or "bad guy".
In my opinion, the Protagonist is Leo. However, some people believe that the Protagonist could also be Stargirl.
Either one you choose, Leo or Stargirl, their Antagonist would be the school, Mica High, and most of the students that attend it.
Created By:
Anna Pannell
This story takes place about 15 years ago in a small city called Mica, in Arizona. Most of the the story takes place at Mica High School but, there are also some parts of the book where Leo and Stargirl are around in their neighborhood, at Archie's house, in the desert, or walking about in the shopping center.
In my opinion the umbrella conflict was started on page 104 when Senor Saguaro asked Leo whose affection does he value more, conformity (or fitting with the school) or being different and unique with Stargirl.
The second Major Event was when Stargirl was put on "Hot Seat".
The third Major Event was what happened at Stargirl's competition and what happened when she got back to the school.
In the book, Stargirl and Leo go walking together after school. They walk around the shopping center and Leo gets to know Stargirl and to see some of the things that Stargirl does such as the "card game". This is when they follow someone around for 15 minutes and try to find out things about the person. One of them being what kind of greeting card this person needs the most. After that Leo and Stargirl went back to Stargirl's house. Leo found out that she has a very normal, ordinary family, that she has a wagon that shows how happy or sad she is that day, and that she does a biography for people like her neighbor, Peter Sinkowitz.
"Hot Seat" is a show made by Leo and Kevin that let the school know details about the student being interviewed by the jury. This scene of the book is just another one of the many ways the author shows how mean things can get when someone doesn't fit in. Stargirl gets put on the "Hot Seat" and everyone on the jury (which includes Hillari) starts commenting instead of just asking questions. They get too personal and their thoughts slowly turn into insults and arguments which make the whole show a complete disaster. That "Hot Seat" show was disrespectful and rude, therefore it was never shown to the school but the students did hear about it.
Leo persuaded her to change who she was because Stargirl was ''not connected to the world''. Stargirl was the only person chosen from the school to compete in the Arizona state oratorical contest where she would give a inspiring speech to thousands of people. In the car ride Leo warned Stargirl not to "count her chickens before they hatch." She was positive she was going to win and when she returned there would be a mob of her school out in the parking lot to congratulate her. They would accept her and she would be counted as popular is what her vision showed. The next afternoon she gave a wonderful speech to everyone but the odd and amazing thing about it was that she made it up as she went and it wasn't the one she had been practicing for weeks. Stargirl ended up winning the competition and was so happy to return to the mob of her classmates. However, when she got back to Mica High the only people who were there were 2 teachers and Dori Dilson holding a sign that said "WAY TO GO SUSAN, WE'RE PROUD OF YOU!" but no one else was there. After that Susan turned back to being her unique different self. She was Stargirl again.
Stargirl moved away and 15 years later Leo and Archie still never figured out who she was. Archie showed Leo his shed and Leo found out that Stargirl had been doing a biography on him, too. She knew everyone's birthday and she had so many newspapers. Leo was disappointed that she left. He later receives a porcupine necktie from a mysterious person, just like at the very beginning of the book. At the end, this well written story keeps you wondering and wanting more.
Thank you so much for watching and listening to my Prezi Presentation.
Nonconformity: not fitting in with the people around you
Being true to yourself: not changing who you are to fit in
Choices: having the freedom to pick which side better fits you.
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