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Philosophy is like...

No description

soulja boi

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of Philosophy is like...

Sitting on a yoga ball in class
You are given freedom to move around and have control, but you can also sit still and focus comfortably.
This has to do with the way that our classroom works.
The Things I Learned Are

But in each of them
I learned many things...
This was my favorite chapter because it has given me tools to work with in the future. I learned how to construct an argument based of truth and validity.

I can argue how my metaphor makes sense...
Philosophy to me is different because I have seen the different aspects of it that i did not expect. Many people think that it is just about answering the questions we learn in Metaphysics, but Logic and Aesthetics are practiced in jobs such as lawyers and Artists and that is philosophy too. It takes a certain type of person to sit on a yoga ball and not wander off into their happy place, but those people who focus can achieve in answering the questions posed in metaphysics.
My original metaphor changed because...
I originally thought that it was similar to a bathroom wall in that there is conversations that do not happen outside of those walls, but now I see it as a situation that can go two ways. You can either work hard and realize you have the opportunity to jump up and down but still focus on your work or you can jump up and down and miss the lessons given in class.
Philosophy is like...
One can either try to understand what is being taught or they can just look at what is around them and not look inside.
We are all trying t understand what the world has to offer. This course has given us tools to break the world apart and make sense of it.
Premise 1: A yoga ball in a classroom is fun

Premise 2: fun builds a good environment to learn in

Premise 3: too much fun does not often teach us to reflect deeply.

Premise 4: Philosophy requires deep thinking

Conclusion: Yoga balls are fun but do not necessarily lead to a deeper meaning of life
We also learned about Aesthetics.
I believe that aesthetics govern a lot of our lives and we do not even realize it. I learned that there are many different ways that it influences us and it its very nature is one of philosophy. Without thinkers we would realize what true beauty is.
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