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Mental Health in the Workplace

No description

Kristine Lalonde

on 1 December 2016

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Transcript of Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental Health in the Workplace
-Discrimination of mental health in workplace
-Where we are
-Where we want to be
Situational Analysis
Issues, Goals, Objectives
No regulation & discrimination of mental health in workplace
Partners & Alliances
Labour Board
Ontario Mental Health Association
Provincial Government
City of Sault Ste Marie

Educational Event on mental illness
Workplace visits
Contact local papers to write story
Campaign table to gain supports.
Meeting with the Labour board
Discussion panel on what the program would entail

-Formal plan for self-disclosure
-Campus solidarity campaign
-Workplace discrimination
The labour board will create policies and check up programs to implement workplace training about mental health and check ins to confirm it is being implemented by the year 2020.

Objective 1
Create a bylaw in Sault ste Marie for employers to not discriminate and to educate employees on mental illness, to start the process small and allow it to grow over the province.

Employ a team of individuals to create programs, and distribute them throughout Sault Ste Marie, then working out to other cities.

Monitoring & Evaluation
Monitoring-Labour Board
Evaluation-Formative-Mental Health Association
Different for each activity and objective
Thank You for Listening!!
Kristine Lalonde
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