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The Purpose of A Long Way Gone

No description

Breyana Penn

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of The Purpose of A Long Way Gone

The Story of Ishmael Beah
By: Breyana Penn Who is Ishmael Beah? Writing Style The Purpose Ishmael Beah was a young innocent boy who was born in Sierra Leone. He liked to rap and do things with his brothers. A group named "The Rebels" came and attacked their village, killing almost everybody. After Ishmael's village being attacked, he had to move away just to try and stay alive. With all this moving, Ishmael went from being an innocent child, to a malicious killer. His life was never the same again. Ishmael Beah's writing style can really help people get a clear image of what he's talking about. Ishmael's writing style is very graphic; he used a lot of detail, so it made it easier for people to understand what he was talking about, and what he was going through. A Long Way Gone was written to just give people a visual of what happened to Ishmael and many others. This book can also help other people who may be going through the same thing as Ishmael; it can let them know that they're not alone. What happened to Ishmael happened to others too. People who read the story may be so moved that they might want to help those people in need. A LONG WAY GONE 5 MAJOR EXPERIENCES -"I was so angry at the way they pitied us that i would sometimes kick their children's behinds at school, especially those who gave us the look that said, My parents talk about you a lot." (Page 43, Paragraph 1)
Ishmael started to become upset with the way things were going in is life. He seemed to take his anger out on people and different things. He never use to be like that before his village got attacked; but being of the fact that he's now left alone, he just became aggravated and did things he would of never done before.

-"My squad was my family, my gun was my provider and protector, and my rule was to kill or to be killed." (Page 126, Paragraph 1) Since Ishmael was on his own for so long, and the only people he felt close to was his squad. Ishmael got so caught up in his new life style, he felt that he should either kill, or be killed; like he said.

-"Their voices, even when they called me for breakfast, enraged me so much that I would punch the wall, my locker, or anything that I was standing next to." (Page 138, Paragraph 1) Ishmael was basically so upset that he got token away from his crew, and he couldn't smoke his marijuana that every little thing would upset him.

-"We would fight for hours in between meals, for no reason at all. During these fights, we destroyed most of the furniture and threw the mattresses out in the yard." (Page 139, Paragraph 2)

-"I was happy, but I had become accustomed to not showing it." (Page 178,Paragraph 2) Ishmael has been through so much that he just felt depressed almost everyday. He got so use to being depressed that even when so much joy and happiness came to him, he wasn't able to show it. Ishmael's life wasn't the easiest, but in the end he became a better person, and his life changed completely. Ishmael fought for about 3 years before he got rescued by UNICEF. After a while Ishmael flew to New York City, and got a foster mother named Laura Simms. Ishmael also went to High School, and when he was finished he went to College. One night Ishmael's cousin Allie sneaks Ishmael out to a party where he meets a girl and they started to date for a while. They break up because she kept pushing him to know more about his past; but Ishmael did end up falling in love. Overall Ishmael's story can help many others who may be going through what he went through, because now they know that there is hope, and things will get better. The Changes
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