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No description

Angelica Lucas

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of THREE RATS

Author's Biography
Characters, Setting, Sets and Scenery
Plot, Point of View, Tone/Mood, Movement, Pace, Irony, Diction, Conflict, Flashback, Symbol
Subject & Theme

Born in Ermita, Manila
Wrote his first play in Spanish, entitled "No Todo Es Risa" at the age of 14.
Became a reporter and proofreader of La Vanguardia, a drama critic of Manila Tribune.
He was appointed as the UP Dramatic Club director in 1947.
He organized and directed the U.P. Mobile Theater that goes on the road all over the Philippines to for performances in 1962.
He has received three national awards: the Rizal Pro-Patria Award in 1961, the Araw ng Maynila Award in 1969, and the Republic Cultural Heritage Award in 1972.
The U.P. Mobile Theater has been a recipient of two awards when he was its director: The Citizen's Council for Mass Media Trophy (1966) and the Balagtas Award (1969).
In 1997, Guerrero was posthumously distinguished as a National Artist for Philippine Theatre.
Forbes Park

The living room. A coffee-table in front of the sofa. On the left side, a large balcony through which the street lights pour in. On a table near the balcony are a telephone and a lamp. A floor-lamp beside the sofa. Magazines on the tables. The room re-veals the refined taste of the owners

9:00 in the evening

Gonzalo- a business man
Nita- a housewife
Adrian- bar exam passer and a bachelor
Plot, Point of View, Tone/Mood, Movement, Pace, Irony, Diction, Conflict, Flashback, Symbol
1. Not all of your friends are your true friends.
2. Be careful of who you trust.
3.Karma is just around the corner.

4. One wrong move won't correct another one.
5. Be faithful to your partner/friend.
by Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero
Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero
(January 22, 1911-April 22-1995
Nita: Two weeks ago, before you went up to Baguio, we decided to go out and celebrate at the Jai-Alai that’s where we met for the first time- a year ago.
Gonzalo: Where did we celebrate last month?
Nita: We went to Hilton.
Gonzalo: And the month before that?
Nita: May I refresh your failing memory? The month before last we had supper at Bon Vivant—and the previous month we went to La Parrilla and afterwards to Manila Hotel for dancing.
Gonzalo: The first month?
Nita: We went, to that panciteria on Carvajal street.
Gonzalo: You look as beautiful and as young as the night we met.
Gonzalo: Well, my mother gave me, on my birthday, a linen suit. Adrian liked it so much he insisted on borrowing it every Sunday. He had other suits, but he fell in love with this particular one.
Gonzalo: And on the other occasion Nita. Guess what I found this afternoon. While looking for some


Nita: No one else Gonzalo ( She starts imperceptibly, a flitting across her face. But all this Gonzalo does not notice. Suddenly he puts down the paper and stares at her dress, NITA sits, inexplicably tense)

Nita: (Embracing him) Oh Gonzalo, thanks! Im a lucky woman to have such a wonderful husband. (Gonzalo smiles briefly, but there is irony in his smile, Nita starts putting the cups on the tray.)

Gonzalo:Nita, Did a man come this afternoon?
Nita: (Stiffening imperceptibly) A man? Why—no.

Nita: But the cup is from my favorite coffee set. Adrian gave it to us.

Nita: (Softly but with a strained tone) No, it isn’t, Gonzalo. The sentimental value—

Gonzalo: And to Adrian.

Nita: (taking the tray) Ill get the whisky—(She goes out. Gonzalo sits immobile. His eyes turn to the table where the fatal cup was lies. He stands up, picks up the cup, and puts it down again. He goes to the balcony, waves his hand at someone he has seen. Nita comes in with a tray.)

Adrian: (Flushing) Why—er—yes. I missed you Gonzalo. (turning to nita)

Adrian: I came at about two, but the maid told me Nita was asleep, so I left. I thought perhaps you had already arrived from baguio. Didn’t the maid tell you?

The interaction between Gonzalo and Nita in the living room. It starts with the arrival of Gonzalo. The coffee table was set, and the conversation went on.
When he poured the cyanide he prepared in Adrian's cup. Nita was horrified and thought that Adrian could be killed.
Third person point of view
Suspicious, revenge
When Gonzalo asked Nita about the truth. Nita told Gonzalo all the things between her and Adrian. Also, Nit begged Gonzalo to stop whatever he was doing.
When Adrian drank the coffee and Adrian wanted to tell Ginzalo the truth but it was too late. Gonzalo called the police to go over their place.
Adrian meets up Gonzalo in the house to borrow money from him. Again, the recollection of their past is accounted for. when he asked if he has visited the house, his answers were quite discrepant with the answer given by Nita. This, his suspicions were quite confirmed.
papers? Some papers of our wedding. Not becoming a sentimental at so early a stage of our marriage, are you, Nita?
Nita: I know, but Adrian was best man—and he looked so funny in one of the pictures. He was staring at me, while you Gonzalo, were looking somewhere else.
Gonzalo: I remember, during our college days—Adrian fell in love once. When he found out the girl had a regular boyfriend, he gave her up.

Nita said that they have decided to go out and celebrate
Gonzalo: So no one came this afternoon. Adrian admitted that he did.
Nita: No!
Gonzalo: But he made one slight –mistake: he said he had told the maid he had come. But he doesn’t know you dismissed her this morning.
Nita: No, no!
Gonzalo: That’s why you dismissed Cora. She knew and you were afraid that she was going to talk. Adrian has been coming here every afternoon for the last two weeks. I had my suspicions- that’s why I went up to Baguio. I could have come back in a day or two- bit I wanted to give you and- Adrian the satisfaction of last romantic, evil fling!
Gonzalo: Adrian was seldom satisfied with what he had. Once—in high school

Gonzalo: He had other suits, but he fell inlove with this particular one

Gonzalo: It seems Tito Viterbo’s best friend was having an affair with Tito’s wife

Gonzalo: Bec she was unfaithful to him? Decades ago that might have been justified but in an enlightened age like ours, killing a faithless wife or her lover speaks none too highly of the husbands sense of proportion.

Gonzalo: To kill the wife because she is unfaithful is for husbamd to admit that he has lost her- and if you lose something or somebody. Don’t you think that its most probably through your own carelessness? The sense of possession is strong in every love.

Gonzalo: For breaking the fifth commandment- “Thou shall not kill.” (they all break into laughter. Gonzalo again takes the bottle.) Another Adrian?

Dramatic Irony
Verbal Irony
Man vs. Man
Man vs. Nature
Man vs. Himself
AGUILAR, Rapheille
BUCAO, Jerome
CASEM, Alvin
DALINO, Charmaine
LUCAS, Angelica
MASAJO, Meliza
OJA, Charlene
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