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By Ken-ya Uribe

No description

Diana Reyes

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of By Ken-ya Uribe

The author of the story is Judy Blume she is very talented.
Judy Blume has written twenty-three books and they have won more than ninety awards.
By Ken-ya Uribe
Pictures of Judy Blume
This book is worth four 4.0

points the AR level is 3.6
the genre is fiction
This book is about
When she gets to New Jersey. She sees that absolutely nothing is like her old house.
A girl her age the girls name is Nancy. Nancy offers Margaret to be her friend. When she visits Margaret she also offers to go to her house and get wet with her sprinklers .
More Information 'bout the book.
The girl name was Margaret. She was moving to New Jersey she didn't really want to she wanted to stay in New York City.
Margaret and Nancy are now friends. Nancy has a group and Nancy wants Margaret to be in her group
Nancy has told Margaret that they were in the same class. It was the first day of school Nancy went to Margaret's house to go walking to school.
Title of the book and how the book looks
Nancy shows Margaret her friends they all become best friends. Then, they went to Nancy house for a PTS meetings. (PTS is the name of the group they didn't explain why they are called the PTS)They make rules every week they are suppose to have a list of boys that they like in the classroom. (which is a little weird) They all like the same guy which was number #1(one) of all of the girls Janie, Gretchen, Nacny, and of coarse Margaret.
The Last Things Everyone should know about the book!!!
The last things are that all of them became the best of friends an that now they will be honest because of a friend that was not honest. (if you want to know please raise your hand for any questions Thank You ) They went to parties, had fun, and played games and from now on Margret is going to be again talking to God. I really recommend this book to.....(GIRLS!!!) because it has a lot of things for girls and exciting moments, amazing things, and really entertaining.
I really wish

you liked my book report

I work really hard Thank You.

On my next one I would probably recommend
the book too or another one I hope you read
the Judy Blume books they are read entertaining

Thank You Miss Reyes for recommend me the Judy Blume Book !!!
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