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Individual Project

No description

Lizzie Momsen

on 27 January 2017

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Transcript of Individual Project

The Bank of China was founded in 1912, it was called "the father of the Chinese Republic," Sun Yat-hay. Throughout its history, they often changed their status and role.

Until 1949, the company worked as the Chinese Central Bank. Later, the Bank of China worked as foreign exchange transactions in the country.

Since 1994, the company is a 100% state-owned, to 2006, the company has offered its shares on stock exchanges in Hong Kong and Shanghai.
As China’s most internationalized and diversified bank, Bank of China provides a comprehensive range of financial services to customers across the Chinese mainland as well as 41 countries and regions.
The Bank’s core business is commercial banking, including corporate banking, personal banking and financial markets services.
Self-confident person ;
seeking for challenges;
Planing ahead and realistic thinking.
I work very well in both small and big groups and have a natural team spirit.
Also, I am very adoptable to different environments and easy-going.

What makes you so different or unique?
Individual Project

Amina Berbić
Resume- Contact Information
Amina Berbić
Home Address
Rudi Čajavec, LB2, Kakanj, 72240, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Contact number
Work Address
Trg solidarnosti 10, Sarajevo, 71000
Resume- Objective Statements
To obtain the position of job as financial accountant at Bank of China
Seeking to leverage my technical and professional expertise to grow in the new role of Accountant at Bank of China.

High School
Gimnazija " Muhsin Rizvić" Kakanj
American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo
Major: International Finance and Banking
Attending 2014-cont
Resume- Work Experience
Association „Mozaik“ Visoko, Volunteer, February 2010- Current
• Building capacity of association with my team workers.
Business Club, Volunteer, September, 2015- May, 2016
• Manage the operations of business plan for University Mascot.
• Improved skills of research manager and communication with costumers.
Sarajevo Business Forum 2016- Prospects for China + 16 CEES, Volunteer, May 2016
• Worked with organization of human resources
„Agencija za Vodno Područje Sliva Rijeke Save“ Sarajevo
Economist Intern, September, 2016 – December, 2016
• Performed analysis of EBS, ZV, PKB, PKG forms and reports for water charges.
• Managed accounting analysis in department of Finance Accounting.
• Built my team worker experiance with management of Department of Finance Accounting.
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