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Cars Of The Future


Jonny Flutey

on 23 October 2009

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Transcript of Cars Of The Future

Cars Of The Future The Jaguar c-xs can intelligently change
it's shape to suit the driver. It has two modes
in which it can change first the saloon mode:
the saloon mode features a higher roofline
allowing foour people to sit confortabluy in the back.
Also it has a sport mode: the car lowers the back seats and lowers the drivers seat to give it a sporty vibe. The
interior changes the aircon and places a large grill, also changing the headlights shape and lowering the roofline to make it lower. The key scans the surrounding are and the car according changes colour into the most donominant colour.
This ccc is a car which can
change into a helicopter
which is good if you are in
a city. The car has two big
wheels that rotate round
and has a rear wheel which
acts a bit like a
stabelizer but is the
rear propeller for the
helicopter mode. This
is a good car if you
wish to ovoid traffic
in the day, (especially
rush hour) The Frost it a unique car for the icy alps or on snow. It basically has chains like we put on our cars but different, specially modified. This Frost is potentially not just a snow veichle but can be an offroad and racing car. The solar car deigned by koenigsegg demonstrates it's electric solar. It does 0-60 in 5.2 seconds with 512hp. It takes 20 minutes to charge full, however not all solar it has solar panels all round the car. Doors, Roof, wheels. Here are some pictures of the cars of the future. THANKS FOR WATCHING
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