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Online Tutoring at the UWC

No description

Catie Page

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Online Tutoring at the UWC

A How-to Guide for the NEW Online Writing Lab Submitting Your Paper for Online Revision Is the OWL for Me? Are you a Distance Education student enrolled at East Carolina University?

If you answered yes, the OWL is for you! We have moved to an online-based appointment system. You will need to make one to have your paper revised by one of our consultants. Move forward in the presentation to learn how to do this.

We look forward to helping you! Navigate to: www.ecu.mywconline.com First visit? You will need to register with our new appointment system! Click the registration link and fill out the on-screen form. Use your student email to make your account. Double-click on a free appointment (colored white) and fill in the form to schedule your appointment. Once you have logged in, you will see an appointment screen similar to this one. Click "CLOSE WINDOW" to complete the scheduling process.

Remember, you do not need to physically come to your appointment. Just expect your paper to arrive in your email inbox once the hour session is completed. That's it! Simple, right? We at the UWC look forward to providing assistance on all of your written assignments! Click the attachment link at the bottom of your appointment confirmation and follow the on-screen directions to upload your paper.

The consultant will now be able to view and make comments on your assignment! Now that your appointment is saved, you can now attach your paper! Make sure the drop-down menu on the login screen says "Online Writing Lab." Now that you have registered, login with your email and password.
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