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Why Join Keramos

The reasons to join kermos!

Keramos Fraternity

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of Why Join Keramos

Why should you join? Keramos Fraternity Professional Development Professional Development What are the benefits? Keramos promotes scholarship and character.

A professional fraternity open to males and females.

Work with department faculty on outreach projects.

Be apart of a team of members with a common goal:
To learn and work together for your future.

Ability to prove your dedication for undergraduate research internships with a professor. The College Experience Being a part of Keramos you will not just meet
people but make friendships that will last the
rest of your life.

Learn about the "MSE Lounge" where students go to relax, study or chat.

Take the 3-D tour on our "About Us" page. Traveling Annual meeting to MS&T (Materials Science and Technology).

Meet and learn about graduate student/professors
research topics and areas from around the world.

Opportunities for employment and networking.

Enjoy and explore a city across the US for a week! Outreach Keramos is highly involved in outreach. Get Involved Still thinking about joining?

Come meet us and see what you think.

Contact one of the members and/or visit us at
the "MSE Lounge." Enriched College Experience Traveling Outreach How to Get Involved Inter-college:
Eng102 Night
Other recruitment High schools:
Many demonstrations
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