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Intro to WWII Fascism

Fascism in Germany, Italy, and Spain US responses

Matthew Lummel

on 17 December 2011

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Transcript of Intro to WWII Fascism

Fascism Militarism Nazism Where: Italy and Spain Where: Germany Where: Japan A gov't dominated by a large military focused on national expansion. A gov't system that emphasizes a citizen's obedience to the state and extreme nationalism A specific form of "fascism" which also emphasizes racism. Leader: Adolf Hitler Leader: Mussolini (Italy)
Franco (Spain) Leader: Hideki Tojo Francisco Franco Benito Mussolini Adolf Hitler THere's an old experssion: "Desperate times call for desperate measures." What does this mean? how would this apply to the Great Depression? Hideki Tojo ISOLATIONISM and Neutrality Isolationism:
non-involvement with other nations. Neutrality:
A policy of not choosing sides. ...and they're all the way over here... After all, we're over here... Or over here... I mean, we have our own problems to deal with, right? FIREFLY
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