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CMG: See Yourself in Media

No description

Chelsea Glass

on 28 August 2015

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Transcript of CMG: See Yourself in Media

Intern Snapshot


Intern recommendations on how to improve the program
"CMG can improve the internship experience by giving interns the ability to interact with each other through projects or
opportunities. Last year, CMG had an App challenge. I greatly enjoyed working on the project with my fellow interns. It would be cool to have something like that every year."
of Kronos and other CMG software."
"Possibly more
networking events
between interns, to have the opportunity to get to know them more. Also any
exec leadership presentations or a "meet & greet"
would be great!"
"...more intern
outside of work hours that are
intern socials
"A formal intern
would be great- some sort of
that introduces you to InSite and My Time Reporting, more info about CMG and the internship experience, and expectations in the workplace."
training sessions
on the various applications used."
"More task diversity."
goal sheet
might be helpful at the beginning of the internship to follow and have everything completed by the end. That way, I could know what is expected of me, what needs completed and how to stay on track managing my projects and time."
"Possibly host one or
more outside-of-work intern events
, allow
more shadowing
and collaboration between different departments."
"Give us a more structured list of what we can help out with."
Our interns do see a future at CMG
5-10 years
to continue learning, experience different departments, and have a
good start to my career
"As long as the job is fulfilling. I would only leave if I was no longer able to
fulfill my personal goals
"I would see myself working here for
a few years
I want to explore different opportunities
and experiences in life."
"advice from fellow reporters...recommend signing the
shortest amount of time for my first contract
2 years
) so I am able to be open to
other opportunities
. It is
easier to extend a contract
than to be promised in a 4-year long agreement if a different opportunity arises."
"2-4 years"
"Up to four years while in graduate school."

I wouldn't see a reason to leave
CMG based on what I've experienced with this internship. The people I work around seem to be happy with Cox and have been employed for years."
It depends on how the company evolves.
There are a lot of strides to keep its products relevant with its audiences, but there are still several aspects that remain very traditional."
A few years.
I could definitely see myself doing it long-term if the magazine continues to grow and develop (longform feature opportunities on website)."
"At least
six years or more
As long as they would allow me
. From what I've seen they treat their employees very well and have a lot of growing opportunities for employees. It also appears to be easier to change jobs within the cox companies."
10+ years
CMG values their employees
from the beginning and would take good care of tenured employees."
"I could see myself working for CMG for
the rest of my career
. Excellent benefits and great company."
Interns offer advice for attracting Millennial talent
Flexible hours
, creative spaces."
"More interaction on social media."
Millennials are hardworking but also don't like meaningless tasks and want to feel useful
-- continue to
give us meaningful work
to do and feedback and encouragement on our performance, and we'll be happy with our jobs."
Become more digital-savvy
. Understand what topics/content interests that generation the most."
The website search leaves a lot to be desired.
You can't find anything on the site by searching in the search bar; it just doesn't come up and is weirdly organized when it does. Myself and other employees usually use Google to find something on the site since it's easier. And
Millennials are all about organization
. "
"Post more information directly on social media i.e. Twitter and Instagram."
"I could see CMG going to more
college career fairs
, just so more students know the major brand name vs. the sub brand names like Dayton Daily news or News Center 7."
"Have a more youthful outlet with social media or a
millennial oriented section
"CMG does not particularly advertise to college students very well...
have a presence on college campus
Palm Beach Post
Jacksonville TV
"Possibly more
networking events
between interns..."
"...more intern
outside of work hours that are
intern socials
"interact through projects or
Formal On-boarding

CMG Ohio
"college career fairs"
My proudest accomplishment has been
publishing over 30 success stories
on the ConneX sales page and
doubling the web page traffic
, all within my first month at CMG. I am also proud to have assisted with
building a sales research workshop
that will be taken to the television and newspaper markets.

I attended the
Cox Enterprise Internship Event
. I liked the Q&A session with employees who started their careers as interns.
They shared their stories and gave

good advice for our internships

Working on an
immersive storytelling
experience including longform narrative text, photos and multiple videos illustrating the little-known parts of the relationship between an Atlanta Police Department K-9 and its handler. Riding along with the APD narcotics unit was one of the most interesting things I’ve ever done and is going to allow me to tell this story from a new perspective. I’m also working on
introducing a new series to the site that will target millennials and social media sharing
, “5 Things You Only Know If You Live In […],” focusing on each neighborhood we spotlight on the site. The introduction video I’m making is about Buckhead.

My proudest accomplishment so far has been becoming a
point of contact for a new system
that everyone in the department will begin to use. I had been working directly with our AP Coordinator to use a new system to process invoices and I was the main one going in to process invoices. She was leaving at the end of the week and so that would leave me as the only one with knowledge of the program.
I created a guide
to help cross train other employees and
became knowledgeable on the processes
so that I would be able to take over the system before I left and also help aid others in
cross training

Creating a
cheat sheet
for employees to use,
to understand the software WideOrbit
faster and be able to use it more efficiently.
On days I am in the station, I am able to practice writing 30-second spots for the newscast. A
producer liked my story better than her own and used it in her show
. I was also able to interview a woman who had flood damage in her garage from a storm that just hit her community.

Interning with CMG has taught me more than I ever could have imagined.
I gained skills in Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop
, I learned how to work on shoots, work with clients,
put on events in the community
, make sales packages, and a wealth of knowledge in the Digital Marketing department. Not only did I learn skills while interning with CMG but
I learned how to be successful in the workplace
The people that I have met and worked with all really took the time to teach me and help me grow.
I will forever be thankful for the opportunity that I have had here at CMG in Jacksonville, and I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me.

Pitching and completing a story about Snapchat geofilters
in Palm Beach County, complete with a Snapchat video to accompany the written story about who made the geofilters.

TV: 45
Radio: 20
Newspaper: 20
Corporate: 11
Digital: 1

Total- 97

This year I was given the opportunity to
produce a package
for Care-a-thon, the station’s major fundraiser for the Aflac Cancer Center in Atlanta. I talked with an 11 year-old cancer survivor and his family, then
scripted and voiced a 2 minute piece
that told their story. It was really rewarding to hear the piece on air,
part of a group effort that raised over 1.5 million dollars

What's Next...

Summer 2015 Interns
Intern standardization
Branding Campaign
Intern Strategy deployment
Increased social presence
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