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Facebook Marketing Tutorial

Create a buzz on Facebook with your business.

Alison Ryce

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Facebook Marketing Tutorial

Facebook Marketing
Step 1
Create your I-Story
Step 2
Educate Your Audience
Step 3
Show them what they're missing out!
Become your own brand
Help build connections so you can market effectively on Facebook.
Facebook Statistics 2013
Total number of Facebook users: 1.11 Billion
Number of DAILY active Facebook users: 665 Million

Connections between local businesses & users on Facebook : 2 billion
Local business weekly page comments: 13 million
I did it!
Click here
Click here
Skin Care Classes
Double Facials
Show them what they're
missing out!
Red Passion Lip Gloss
Personal Image:
-Hire a photographer
(Beginning stages of business)
-Barter System
-Recreate Look Book Looks
Chocolates, Neutrals, Reds, & Berries!
Crayton Webb
Anne Crews
Director of Corporate Communications
and Corporate Social Responsibility for Mary Kay Inc
Vice President, Government Relations, Mary Kay Inc
Senator Valencia M. Seay (D)
Governor Nathan Deal
Governor of Georgia
Create a following
Increase interest
You're the star of your own page!
They might have a general
opinion about Mary Kay, but
they haven't met YOU!
Define who YOU are:
I am ____
I am ____
I am ____
Become a brand
Click here
click here
Market at facials
Mary Kay INC!!!!
Dallas, TX
Mary Kay
Lobbying for good!
GA State Capital!
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