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No description

Zeyad Alsehimi

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Gastroenteritis

Dehydration What is Dehydration ? Vomiting
Excessive sweating
Excessive urination
Malnutrition Causes of Dehydration Mild dehydration :
rehydrate with ORS
Moderate dehydration :
Give 6-hours trial of oral rehydration(100ml/kg) if there is no improvement start IV rehydration
Sever dehydration :
Start IV rehydration immediately Management CBC
ABG Investigations Mild (<5%)
Moderate (5-10%)
Sever (>10%) Types of Dehydration Dehydration Stabilization criteria
Normal Heart Rate
Capillary Refill <2 seconds
Intact mental status
Adequate urine output is defined as the loss of body fluid, with an accompanying disruption of metabolic processes.
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