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Daughter of Invention

No description

Roberto Garcia

on 17 March 2011

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Transcript of Daughter of Invention

"Daughter of Invention" (pg 664-674)
By: Julia Alavarez Genere? Realistic Fiction
When Cukita and her family move to America, Cukita’s mother just wants her family to fit in. She makes her daughters speak English and she is always trying to make inventions to make her self known in America. Cukita is assigned to write a speech for school, but cannot think of anything. Cukita was very nervous about presenting the speech, so her mother gives her advice and encourages her to keep trying to get her speech right. When the speech is finally finished, Cukita feels great about her accomplishment. Cukita rushes to show her parents what she has done. Her mother is so happy for her, but her father does not like the speech because he thinks that it is disrespectful to Cukita’s teachers. To show how he is angry, he rips up her speech and causes a big argument. Cukita and her mother rewrite the speech to show more respect for the teachers. The next day at school Cukita presents her speech and everybody loves it. To show her that he still loves her, Cukita’s father buys her a new type writer that she has been begging for. Now she can take her mother’s place of inventing by being the “Daughter of Invention.” Main Character(s):Cukita and Cukita's Mother
Cukita is a young Hispanic girl.
Her mother wants Cukita to fit into American society.
Cukita is really smart in school
Cukita loves her mom although her mom is really determined in inventing things that she doesn't get the help she expects from her mom.
Cukita's mother is really hardworking when it comes to inventing new things.
Both of them have perseverence.
Cukita is the PROTAGONIST. Allusion "Just remember how Mister
Lincoln couldn't think of
anything to say at the
Pg.670 (paragraph1) Literary Terms Important Paragraph: pg 671 (2nd paragraph) Symbol The typewriter that Cukita's dad got for her at
the end of the story is a symbol.
It symbolizes Cukita's achievment
in writting her speech.It also shows
that she is givin the tools
she needs to make something of
herself like her mother wanted. Simile "...in her lighted corner, like some devoted scholar burning the midnight oil..."
pg.665 (paragraph2) Imagery "...my mother was inventing,
sheets pulled to her lap, pillows
propped up behind her, her reading glasses riding the bridge of her nose..."
pg.665 (Paragraph2) Characterization Mood Inspiring:
While reading this short
story you feel inspired
not to give up on the
things you thought you
could not do Onomatopeia "... ,but then Bang!"
First Person Limited Point-Of-View
"Ay, papi I'm sorry."
The author only tells what Cukita
thinks about things Connotation "Chapita I said in a low,
ugly whisper..."
Cukita called her father this
when he tore up her speech.
When she did she could tell right away that he did not like it because it is the name of their dictator Denotation que pasa Whats happening? Dialogue "We're not going to that
school anymore, Mami!"
"You have to." Her eyes
would widen with worry.
pg.666 (Paragraph3) Hyperbole "You girls are
going to drive
me crazy!" Tone Relaxed Main Characters Point of View Conflict Internal: Cukita has to push herself to write the speech even though she does not like the way she sounds in English. Man vs. Man:
Cukita has to rewrite her speech so her father will approve of it. Dynamic v.s. Static
Cukita is a static character, in the beginning of the story she wanted to improve her skill and become better and concentrate really hard on her goal. At the end of the story she succeeded her goal.

Cukita's parents are dynamic characters, her father dislike that the way she wrote her speech and was mad at her but he later understands that she was just speaking her own opinion.
Cukita's mother was supportive of whatever she wanted to do but never really helped much. She was busier doing inventions. After seeing how upset Cukita was when her dad torn her paper, she helped Cukita write another paper and becomes more caring of her family then her.
Cukita's mother is a round character, she like to invent things and she pushes her daughters to do good in English. She's a hardworking woman that tries her best to do what she can to help her family.

Cukita's sisters are flat characters; they aren't mentioned much in the story. Sometimes when they want to go shopping in the cities or have problem at school they come and talk to their mom. Cukita is the
narrator of the
short story. She is
telling us things from
her point of view. Narrator Theme: Never give up and you will accomplish your goals. Main Characters:
Cakita's mother
Cakita's father Minor Characters: Cakita's sisters they are mentioned, but the
story could go on without them. Summary Antagonist Cakita's dad.
Cakita's dad
works against her by
tearing her speech
after she finally wrote
it like she wanted it.
Protagonist Cakita.
She stuck with
writting her
speech until she
perfected it. Setting New York
Loud noises
A good place
for Cakita to make
something of herself Pg.670 (Paragraph2) pg.667(paragraph 5) pg.665 (Paragraph 5) pg.672
paragraph 7 Round vs. Flat
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