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Tuesday, 2/14/17

No description

Colby Hawkins

on 14 February 2017

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Transcript of Tuesday, 2/14/17

1. Bell Ringer
(10 min)
2. Rehearse
(15 min)
3. Flipped Class Video Assessment
(10 min)
Intro to chourds
Learn about cadences
Review scales
Review intervals
*Interval comparison
*Interval recognition
*Chord recognition
*Rhythm dictation
O Magnum Mysterium
m1-36 goal: learn rhythm, notes, and sing w/ appropriate vocal style
Please open your Chromebook
Log-in to Google Classroom.
You have 10 minutes to do tonight's HW now, make it so you have no HW : )
4. Rehearse
(15 min)
White Birds
Write in solfege to 2nd and 3rd page
Sing a'cappella with accurate pitch, using the solfege to help us
Work on two trouble spots
Sit Down Servant
Pick two trouble spots to fix pitch/rhythm
Lunar Lullaby
Star Spangled Banner
The Lord Bless You
5. HW
If going on tour to Ireland, please submit your Feb payment by 2/15. If in VP, please bring $10.
Happy Valentines Day
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