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Spanish flu Team A

No description

Marcus Shelton

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Spanish flu Team A

Spanish flu Team A
Geopolitical socioeconomic explanation

In truth? Probably not.
In 1918 a strain of the influenza virus dubbed the Spanish Flu infected 500 million people. (28% of the world population) and killed 50-100 million people.
The Spanish Flu killed more people than World War One. Which had ended the same year as the outbreak.
But was this virus a new breed of infectious disease?
The reason this disease was so devastating was due to the Geopolitical Socioeconomic status of Europe at the time of the outbreak.
is basically the relation between the geography of a country and the politics of that country.
What the heck is "Geopolitical Socioeconomic"?
This is someone's status in society and the economy.
In November 1918 the US Navy and Public Health Service conducted a series of experiments to argue that the 1918 influenza outbreak was not devastating due to exceptional virulence.
[vir-yuh-luh ns,

the relative ability of a microorganism to cause disease; degree of pathogenicity.
the capability of a microorganism to cause disease
These experiments consisted of having volunteers come in close contact with 10 different infected people when said infected person most infectious.
None of the volunteers reported symptoms
In the end of World War 1 Poverty and malnutrition were rampant across Europe.
The public healthcare infrastructure was also very poor making more people at risk.
This made the public more susceptible to the disease.
Yes! People were more susceptible to Influenza if they had weak immune systems. And having good nutrition played a good factor of it.
Vitamin D was also important. Which is why there was a lot more people getting the disease during the winter.
So is the Immune system Important towards Influenza?
The comparison between the spanish flu and other deadly types of flus:
Scientists studied the virus and actually found no exceptional virulence factors.

One know virulence factor is a surface protein called Hemagglutinin (HA)
when the 1918 flu gene was observed it showed no exceptional virulence.
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